13 Odd Yet Fascinating Now-You-Know Facts

13 Odd Yet Fascinating Now-You-Know Facts

The world can be a fascinating place. It seems like during our day-to-day lives we can learn something new if we know where to look. We can learn some new factoid or truth about our history, about science, and just plain life in general if we stop and take a breath. Or if you just go to the right Cracked article.

But it’s not enough to learn something new every day. It’s best to learn something new and odd. That way you’ll get invited to parties, business conferences, and orgies to help break the ice and end the terrible, horrible, soul-swallowing silence within any awkward group interaction.

Like, did you know why tigers are better at camouflage than you think, in spite of their orange color? Or how criminally underpaid the Power Rangers were? Or that, yes, water can somehow be extra wet?

You can learn all these facts and others to be the most interesting guy in the orgy (yes, even more interesting than the dude with the split tongue) by reading the following Pictofacts:

In 1961, a Russian surgeon in Antarctica cut out his oWn appendix. Leonid Rogozov was part of a Soviet expedition to build a new base on Antarctica, and during the mission he realized he had acute appendicitis. He was the only surgeon, so he meticulously prepped and then performed the

Source: BBC

The first version of Anchorman was a survival movie. It was about news anchors surviving a crash landing in the mountains and trying to escape while being hunted by orangutans with throwing stars (a cargo plane that crashed nearby was carrying both, and the orangutans escaped and found the throwing

Source: Esquire

Astronauts' dirty laundry is burned up in disposable spacecraft. There's no way to wash clothes on the ISS, sO dirty laundry sits around for a while and then gets put into a Progress ship (a one-way craft that brings supplies to the ISS) whenever one arrives. Once it's loaded up,

Source: NASA

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