10 Michelle Wolf Jokes for the Hall of Fame

‘Brides will say things like, ‘It’s my special day.’ But how do you call it your day if your dad’s paying for it? I think it’s his day, and I think it’s a really weird day for him. He’s paying a ton of money to make sure a man has sex with you that night’

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13 Final Performances by Actors Who Deserved Better

13 Final Performances by Actors Who Deserved Better

It would be fantastic if outstanding actors could end on a high notes and wrap up their jobs with a picture that was worthy of them.

Regrettably, life isn't always so pleasant. Even cinema's best performers have acted in bad movies, and it's statistically guaranteed that only some actors' final pictures will be a flop. It's still heartbreaking to see a brilliant career come to a close on such a dismal note. What about if your worst day at work also happens to be your last day? 

However, some performers are fortunate or cautious enough to perform better. They give a great performance before departing from Hollywood, whether it be for the hereafter or retirement if the film isn't fantastic, at the very least, those who gave a powerful enough presentation to ride into the twilight with their head high.

Here are 13 legendary performers that had less-than-stellar performances in their final cinematic appearances.

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an interesting knowledge boom ever!

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