Though we may know the basics of their lives, there are some fascinating people from history who everyone should know more about. These ten people, while all unique in their own ways, made huge impacts on the world – for better or for worse. From women fighting for their rights to controversial politicians and revolutionaries, each of these individuals left a lasting legacy that can still be seen today. So if you want to learn more about some of the most interesting and influential people from history, keep reading!

Suppose you're like us and love learning about interesting people from history. And if you're REALLY like us, you love learning about obscure people from history who most people have never heard of. So today, our team thought we share with you a few fascinating people from history who deserve more recognition. Enjoy! :)

There have been billions of people, but we continue to learn about the same 200 or so. Here are 14 people who should have made it into our history books but didn't...

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