Tell Us Now: 20 Terrible Movie Casting Decisions

Move aside, Hollywood casting directors. Cracked readers got this.
Tell Us Now: 20 Terrible Movie Casting Decisions

What are the thoughts of movie fans when they hear their favorite book is being turned into a movie? Excitement and anticipation, mostly. But there's also always a little apprehension, too. Because who can really capture the essence of the characters and storyline on the big screen as well as we imagine in our heads? 

It's no different from TV series to movies. Fans of GAME OF THRONES were nervous when they heard HBO was going to make it into a movie. But those worries were quickly put to bed after the release of the first teaser trailer. 

Casting decisions can make or break a movie. Sometimes the wrong actor or actress is chosen for a role, and it just doesn't work. Other times, an amazing actor or actress is overlooked for a role that they would have killed in. Here are some terrible casting decisions that ruined movies.

Now, we're getting excited for another beloved book series to be made into a movie...THE HUNGER GAMES! Scroll down for more…

TELL US NOW. JESSE EISENBERG AS LEX LUTHOR BATMAN V SUPERMAN Norman M. says, Jesse Eisenberg's Lex was a charmless, piglet-voiced irritant. A scrappy Doo. Michael M. adds that Eisenberg played Mark Zuckerberg on crystal meth. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. TOM HOLLAND AS NATHAN DUKE UNCHARTED The movie hasn't even come out, but Rob F. notes, Chris Pratt would've played Nathan Drake perfectly.
TELL US NOW. HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN AS ANAKIN SKYWALKER STAR WARS Jim C. shares, He has zero chemistry with any of his costars... It's like if driftwood and cardboard wrote a scene together. Dennis P. says, I blame him more than Jar Jar.
TELL US NOW. RUSSELL CROWE AS JAVERT LES MISERABLES Matt S. says Crowe is responsible for ruining my favorite character in my favorite musical, in a movie that I had waited over 20 years for. The best sound he made in the entire movie was the satisfying splat as he
TELL US NOW. MICHAEL GAMBON AS DUMBLEDORE HARRY POTTER Sinead C. disapproves of Gambon's replacement for Richard Harris. He completely ruins the role by making Dumbledore hot-headed, aloof and high energy. No wisdom, sage or class. Doesn't get it at all.
TELL US NOW. MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL AS RACHEL DAWES THE DARK KNIGHT Dimitris H. says her performance is SO unconvincing, especially compared to Katie Holmes in the first movie, that it damages even Heath Ledger's excellent performance.
TELL US NOW. TOPHER GRACE AS VENOM SPIDER-MAN 3 Patrick M. says, Any muscular actor would have been infinitely better than that pipsqueak. Eddie is supposed to be a tank.
TELL US NOW. THE CULLEN FAMILY TWILIGHT Ali W. bemoans the vampire casting, The books describe them as the most beautiful people. Hollywood has way prettier people than who was casted! CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. TOM CRUISE AS JACK REACHER JACK REACHER Junnior D. laments, I've read the books. He's supposed 6'6 pushing like 300 lbs, with dirty blonde hair. We were given Tom Cruise... CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. OSCAR ISAAC AS APOCALYPSE X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Josh S. tells US, I like him as an actor, and his performance was fine, but the character is supposed to be a large, physically imposing figure. Oscar lsaac's 5'8 1/2 frame doesn't pull it off.
TELL US NOW. MICHAEL CERA AS SCOTT PILGRIM SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD PEE BAF James O. says, Compared to the character in the graphic novels, he doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who would break multiple women's hearts and convince someone like Ramona Flowers to be his
TELL US NOW. NATALIE PORTMAN AS JANE FOSTER THOR: THE DARK WORLD Melissa B. observes, She actually acted as though she didn't want to be in the movie while acting in the movie... Now she's crawling back looking for a piece of the sequel. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. MICKEY ROURKE AS WHIPLASH IRONMAN 2 Candance B. shares, His acting is so terrible and there are better actors with this build that could have played the role and performed better. His performance made the character seem weak.
TELL US NOW. TOM CRUISE AS LESTAT DE LIONCOURT INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE lda K. says that the actor just did not fit the description (even with a wig).
TELL US NOW. RYAN REYNOLDS AS GREEN LANTERN GREEN LANTERN Ariel M. says, That should have been Nathan Fillion and Ryan Reynolds would have made an A+ established Flash.
TELL US NOW. SOFIA COPPOLA AS MARY CORLEONE THE GODFATHER PART IL Eric W. says, A quick replacement for Winona Ryder, but with no acting ability. There's a reason dad stays behind the camera and so should she.
TELL US NOW. SCARLETT JOHANSSON AS MAJOR MIRA KILLIAN GHOST IN THE SHELL Ben F. says, Major is supposed to be Asian. This whitewashing needs to stop.
TELL US NOW. KEANU REEVES AS JONATHAN HARKER BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA Amber G. tells Us, I love me some Keanu but he was a poor choice in Dracula. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. SOPHIE TURNER AS JEAN GREY DARK PHOENIX Justin N. says,  Hey, she looks good with red hair' and 'Isn't that Game of Thrones show really hot right now?' shouldn't be used as the sole criteria for casting such a critical role.
TELL US NOW. JOHN WAYNE AS GENGHIS KHAN THE CONQUEROR Dave S. says, Hard to know where to begin with why it was so bad.
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