13 Movies, Science, History, And More Now-You-Know Facts

13 Movies, Science, History, And More Now-You-Know Facts

Paul McCartney is an (inter)national treasure for many reasons, and apparently treating random strangers who show up to his door should be added to that list. The full details of that story, plus 12 others, are below:

Genghis Khan let his daughters rule allied kingdoms. He'd marry off his daughters to the kings of allied kingdoms, have all their other wives dismissed, and put the daughters in charge while he called their husbands to fight in his wars (where they usually got killed). NOW YOU KNOW

Source: The Tyee

An oil tanker with five crew members has been stuck offshore for almost four years. The company that owns the tanker started having money troubles at that point and stopped paying their salaries, So they've survived only thanks to donations. They're still negotiating with the company to pay them, and

Source: Reuters

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