16 Actors Who Took Parts For The Childish Glee

16 Actors Who Took Parts For The Childish Glee

The best job in the world is being an actor. You're practically getting paid to make up stories. (Of course, getting to the point where you are paid for it is difficult.) However, it is still a profession, and the reasons why actors choose roles frequently reflect that — for example, they may need to pay the rent or improve their résumé, or their manager may say, "I know you're busy, but..."

On the other hand, there are occasions when performers merely want to have a good time. Have you ever had a good time filling out a bi-annual TPS report in a spreadsheet? Did you ever feel that you the thrill of passion while you were flipping burgers as a summer job? Of course not. Even birthday clowns don't enjoy their jobs. On the other hand, Actors are allowed to choose jobs just to have a good time. Of course, this does not happen every day, but here are a few wild examples when actor’s already incredible lives got another boost:

Guardians of the Galaxy GLENN CLOSE might look out of place as Nova Prime, what with her serious actress cred. But she always wanted to be in a fun movie like this one, so she didn't think twice.

Source: Vulture

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