Take a look at some of the facts and trivia about the 2000 classic romantic sports movie that almost featured famous athletes, and almost had an R rating because the MPAA thought a particular scene was “too real.” Bet you don't know which scene we're talking about. No, seriously, we'll give you good odds.

LOVE & BASKETBALL New Line said they would give Prince-Bythewood and her movie a chance, but only if she cast Omar Epps as Quincy. Omar was a star at the time, and he was also my first choice, SO there was no compromise whatsoever. We had one phone call, and

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LOVE & BASKETBALL The writer-director got some strange initial feedback on her script while she was shopping it around. Quincy looks up at his Mom, surprised. She quickly hugs his face into her stomach. Camille lights up. CAMILLE Oh, me too. I used to cook for my friends parties and


LOVE & BASKETBALL Alfre Woodard, who plays Monica's mother Camille Wright, wanted the director to play the female lead. She said that if I agreed to play Monica, she would play my mother. I had never acted before. But she said, Obviously this movie is based on your life. This


LOVE & BASKETBALL Sanaa Lathan found the love scenes extremely uncomfortable. Lathan and Omar Epps were dating at the time, and she said it was pretty awkward to be intimate with all the crew members gawking at them. BEHIND THE SCENES

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LOVE & BASKETBALL The vibe on set between the cast members was pretty competitive. SC 9 Sandra Perez-Thomas, who plays Sandra, Monica's USC teammate, said: Any chance we got, it was, 'Let's play 3-on-3.' At one point we were on a track and just started sprinting against each other. We


LOVE & BASKETBALL Even though the film had a lukewarm box-office stint, the response was positive. The movie got a standing ovation at Sundance, but Prince. Bythewood's most memorable response was a card she received from a 17-year-old boy after the first preview that read, It taught me how to


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