Tell Us Now: What Are You Dreading The Most About A Post-Pandemic Life?

We're all looking forward to the end of this nightmare, but what are you looking forward to the least?
Tell Us Now: What Are You Dreading The Most About A Post-Pandemic Life?

We're all looking forward to the end of this pandemic, but our “new normal” has changed in ways that may not stick when the numbers go down. We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What are you dreading the most in a post-pandemic life?” We discovered that many of you have started to like wearing masks and working from home, and are not looking to the following 20 things…

TELL US NOW. WEARING PANTS Matt S. shares, I've grown accustomed to not wearing pants while working from home. Someone will have to clothe me and drag me out of my house kicking and screaming.
TELL US NOW. TRAFFIC AtER Kate F. isn't looking forward to the traffic, telling US, In my city, it's half what it was pre-pandemic.
TELL US NOW. UNWANTED SOCIAL AFFECTION David M. is dreading, people overcompensating with happyhappyioyioy social affection and personal space invasion. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. NOT WEARING MASKS Caleb R. says, I've invested in some cool ass masks and I'm not about to let the trend die and have learned to actually like wearing them. Kae B. says, The intrigue, the anonymity! I will never stop wearing them. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. PEOPLE STANDING TOO CLOSE ToNko Rebecca T. bemoans, You don't need to smell my hair when I'm talking to the pharmacist. Sean K. says, didn't like people within arm's reach before COVID-19, and I certainly still won't after it.
TELL US NOW. INCREASED SOCIAL ANXIETY Nisha V. shares, The social struggle of the before times' was iust way too much and I didn't even know it... and I don't want to go back to any of that. At all. I really hope social expectations have loosened up to make
TELL US NOW. BEING TOLD TO SMILE Alyssa N. says, People telling me to smile, since the masks cover the RBF.
TELL US NOW. BEING RECOGNIZABLE WITHOUT A MASK Mike H. doesn't look forward to having customers from work recognize me when we are out in the real world.
TELL US NOW. RETURNING TO OFFICE LIFE Emily T. dreads, Wearing uncomfortable office clothes, office culture, commute... everything about office working besides the actual work. I like working at home in my pajamas, watching tv while I get stuff done at my own pace, I'm more productive and comfortable.
TELL US NOW. WEARING MAKE-UP Sarah P. says, I will miss not wearing any make up, and adds, I hope that extra hand washing and sanitizer stations are here to stay.
TELL US NOW. INTERACTING WITH PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T TAKE THE PANDEMIC SERIOUSLY 1 IWILL NEVER WEAR A FACE MUZZLE NEVED TAC Matthias B. tells US, They didn't care enough about other people's lives to do something as simple as wear a mask or social distance. How am I supposed to
TELL US NOW. GETTING SICK CONSTANTLY Brent V. tells US, Masks have cut down all the other 'normal' illnesses at my elementary school. Lynn I. says, Since the beginning of our mask-wearing, heightened awareness of what we touch and how many times we wash our hands, I have not been
TELL US NOW. POTENTIAL GASLIGHTING Dane S. dreads people trying to pretend it never happened, or wasn't as bad as it has been, and mocking those who lost loved ones. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. HIDING FACIAL EXPRESSIONS bFFee E PRESSO DR. PRUCCINO LATTE GREEN TEA ERICANO JASMINE HOT MII OT Blanca A. isn't looking forward to getting your poker face back up to par again once we stop wearing masks, especially if You work in a retail or customer service focused
TELL US NOW. CLEANING FOR COMPANY Mark S. isn't looking forward to, having family events at my house. I've enjoyed never having to make the place presentable.
TELL US NOW. GETTING OUT OF SOCIAL EVENTS Jo Ann V. isn't looking forward to having to use another excuse not to go to a social event. The pandemic pretty much lets me stay anti-social.
TELL US NOW. INCREASED CLASS SIZE 15-(6-2)1 1312-7 Kelly H. shares, I'm dreading too many students in the classroom. With teaching in a Hybrid environment, the small class sizes have resulted in much more individual help and no discipline issues.
TELL US NOW. BEING RUDE FOR AVOIDING PEOPLE Matt S. tells US, Crossing the street to avoid people is not only acceptable, it's appreciated. Now people are going to be offended again. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. DE-ACCESSIBILITY Soph J. dreads watching all the accessibility improvements dissolve as soon as ableds are allowed to go back to what was. Having online access to stuff has changed my little disabled life... And 0 know full well o having witnessed shit I've been asking for for years
TELL US NOW. NOT LEARNING FROM OUR PAST John H. tells US, My biggest fear is that even after everything we've been through, we will have learned nothing. Kristal C. wonders if we have learned enough to prepare for the next one.
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