Always Be My Maybe has been described as “the Asian-American version of When Harry Met Sally.” Others simply know it as “the one with the comedians and also that Keanu Reeves meme.” Both these statements are correct, so pop some of those Hello Peril tunes on Spotify and read about the behind-the-scenes shenanigans these actors got up to.

ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE The sequence where the lead characters have sex for the first time was inspired by Randall Park's personalexperience. BERKELEY Park lost his virginity in the back of his Corolla. He says it was a clumsy affair, followed by an awkward moment in a McDonald's. In the


ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE Keanu Reeves was filming John Wick 3 and Always Be My Maybe simultaneously. In between shooting John Wick 3, Reeves found time to be on the rom-com's San Francisco set for four days to shoot his parts. Wong says he drew quite the crowd - even their


ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE Netflix released a bloopers reel online. In it, there's a bit where Ali Wong can't stop laughing at a plate of food, and a bit where Keanu Reeves sets up a joke about his time filming Speed, but then backs out of it. Now we'll never


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