We love our fun facts around here, don't we, folks? Isn't knowing interesting things great? Shut up, yes it is. That's why you clicked on this link. You are here for fun facts! Admit it! We all love fun facts! Not to mention, knowing fun facts makes you way more interesting at parties. There you are, suave and dressed to the nines, martini in hand, walking up to some very attractive potential romantic partner, and you say “hey there. Would you…like to learn a fun fact?” Said potential romantic partner will immediately swoon and go from “potential” romantic partner to “definite” romantic partner. But only if you tell them these fun facts! It's important that these are the ones. 

Here's an opener: Han Solo and Luke Skywalker held hands while walking up to Princess Leia to get their medals -- and, somewhat disappointingly, that didn’t end up in the finished movie. Check out the full story, plus 12 more:

Cottage roofs in Bermuda are designed to harvest rain. The stepped design of the roofs slows down rainwater, SO more of it flows down into the gutters, which take it into a tank under the house. Fresh water is very scarce, and there's no tap water, SO each home gets

Source: BBC

Florida's Space Coast got the area code 321 on purpose. It's a reference to the Space Shuttle launch countdown, and it went into effect into 1999, after a data programmer suggested it. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

Source: News 13

When Banksy tried to trademark one of his paintings, the copyright office threw his own words back at him. They refused the trademark, saying he clearly didn't want to use it and only wanted to have rights over his work without using copyright. To drive the point home, they quoted

Source: BBC

The quietest room in the world is on Microsoft's campus in Redmond, WA. It's SO quiet that you hear the grinding noise your bones make when you move. Microsoft uses the room to test sounds produced by their software and hardware. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED GOM

Source: CNN

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