13 Actors Who Almost Landed Iconic Sitcom Roles

13 Actors Who Almost Landed Iconic Sitcom Roles

There's a lot of great television out there and even more interesting back stories on shows and roles that almost were. As many great shows as there are, there are just as many eager actors auditioning for them. If some of these roles had gotten filled, the history of your favorite series may have ended up quite differently.

For example, the Vince Vaughn almost landed the role of universally beloved Joey from Friends. If Vaughn had landed it, who knows if the long running series would have prevented him from starring in as many comedic roles as he did.

Rainn Wilson, who everyone knows as Dwight from The Office almost became Gob on Arrested Development. Fortunately for both shows, he was passed over for the role.

In the Sitcom Alternate Universe, Seth Rogan was an Assistant to the Regional Manager and William H. Macy was a cartoon dog. 

Want to learn about more actors who almost landed iconic sitcom roles? Scroll on down!

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