Since it’s February and all, we thought we’d give you some facts and trivia of popular rom-coms to make you sound smart in front of your better half. And by better half, we of course mean your dog/cat/that fish puppet you made at the start of the pandemic. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. So go on and enjoy these behind-the-scenes facts about Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the movie where they all go to Hawaii and Jonah Hill is also there. 

MARSHALL SARAH Jason Segel originally wanted CHARLIE HUNNAM to play ALDOUS SNOW. Segel wrote the part for his friend, but after doing a table read, SGE Hunnam stepped away THE from the film, saying it didn't align with his career goals. BEH


MARSHALL SARAH THE DRACULA MUSICAL PUPPETS were made by FORGETTING JIM HENSON'S I CREATURE SHOP. SCENES The puppeteers also helped train THE Bill Hader and the cast on how to work the puppets. BE


MARSHALL SARAH The director watched BLUE CRUSH a gazillion times to get the FO surfing right. I scenes Nick Stoller said that he pulled SCENES apart every surfing scene in the Lu 2002 movie to learn how it's done and edited together. BEHIND


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