20 Animated Movies That Flipped On The Water Works

20 Animated Movies That Flipped On The Water Works

Movies are a form of art. They can be used to tell stories, educate, and entertain. In recent years, animation has become an increasingly popular medium for movies. Animated movies can be made with a variety of techniques, from traditional hand-drawn animation to 3D computer animation. While some animated movies are intended for children, others are aimed at adults and contain more mature content. Some of the most successful animated movies include Pixar's Toy Story series and Disney's The Lion King.

Are you one of those people who cry during movies? You're not alone. A lot of people do. In the mood for an emotional roller coaster? Check out these amazing animated movies that will have you reaching for the tissues. From heartbreaking tales of loss and love to funny stories with a more serious message, these films are sure to make you feel something. So grab some popcorn and get ready for a movie night that will leave you talking about the characters long after the credits roll.

TELL US NOW. THE LAND BEFORE TIME CRACKED Steven C. just saved us a ton of money on therapy: James Horner's haunting music mixed w/ the heartbreak... Even a 3yrs. old...t that's the Firstk time I ever learned & understood the finality of Death.

TELL US NOW. BOLT CRACKED Pam S. says Bolt and Penny's reunion amidst the flaming wreckage gets her every time: every single time I end up bawling like a total baby, even though I know what's going to happen!

TELL US NOW. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD CRACKED Ana V. had just lost her cat, sO this scene hit especially hard: my bf had to hold me, and small kids were walking by like 'wtf is wrong with that lady?

TELL US NOW. THE TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE CRACKED Michael G. dredged up our trauma from that time the Autobots mourned Optimus Prime, like a dad whose lawnmower just crapped out: I was 7 or 8 when the Transformers movie came out and he just died. was sO upset.

TELL US NOW. INSIDE OUT CRACKED Autumn B. says watching Goofball Island fall apart absolutely gutted her: it's SO freaking tragic that parts of my baby disappear to be replaced with new parts.

TELL US NOW. LADY AND THE TRAMP CRACKED Macarena L. dug up a moment from deep inside the Disney vault: When one of the dogs is hit by a car and you don't know if he would make it. Until he appears with a broken leg.

TELL US NOW. POKEMON: THE FIRST MOVIE lt IIne /he n CRACKED Ashlee P. reminded us of the polar opposite of Surprised Pikachu: Pikachu crying hits me for some reason.

TELL US NOW. ONWARD CRACKED Aimee s. teared up explaining the plot to someone the other day, and Rebecca S. said as soon as he said that he may not have had their dad around but he had Barley, i was done, slumped over and absolutely sobbing into my husband's

TELL US NOW. MULAN GRACKED Bob H. saved up his tears and unleashed them with all the force of a great typhoon: I've only cried during one animated film, and that was during Mulan when she finally ascends to the top of the pole during 'I'll Make a Man Out

TELL US NOW. GRAVE OF FIREFLIES CRACKED Lots of people have a hard time getting over this Japanese war tragedy. Ron B. says it's one of the most harrowing things I've ever watched. Jordan M. says even though you know what's coming, it still hits you like a truck. And

TELL US NOW. THE SIMPSONS MOVIE M CRACKED Josh N. found tears in an unexpected franchise: No joke. When Marge left Homer in Alaska and recorded her goodbye over their wedding video I completely lost it.'

TELL US NOW. TOY STORY 3 CRACKED Andrew B. cries extreme tears of joy when Andy is giving his toys away to Bonnie at the end.

TELL US NOW. THE LION KING CRACKED Cade T. has the most harrowing relationship with this iconic scene:' I was in an ambulance following a heart emergency, and at some point Cin an hour-long ride) to keep me calm, they put on The Lion King. We arrived at the hospital

TELL US NOW. BIG HERO 6 CRACKED Hiro's VR demi-reunion with his big bro really got Kevin L: When Baymax says 'Tadashi is here' and plays the video... my eyes were flowing while saying I am satisfied with my care.

TELL US NOW. THE SECRET OF NIMH CRACKED Derek M. made a scene at the theater: My mum took me to see it when I was 4 and E bawled sO hard the family next to us were more entertained by me than the film.

TELL US NOW. THE GOOD DINOSAUR CRACKED Regina P's kid broke down over the modern day Land Before Time: My 9yo son had what can only be explained as an existential crisis & sobbed through the whole thing.

TELL US NOW. UP GRACKED Jesse P. said the brutal tearjerker of an opening 10 minutes 'made me cry like an angry, hungry baby.

TELL US NOW. BROTHER BEAR CRACKED Beth L can't shake this bear: I took my niece to see it in the theater when she was 3. I tried to hide it but at the end I was sobbing like a baby. I don't know what came over me, but I'll

TELL US NOW. DUMBO CRACKED Julian R. hit us with the big one: the scene when he gets to visit his mom in jail and we see all the other happy animal families. Gets me every time.

TELL US NOW. Pixar in general... CRACKED Pixar films topped a lot of people's lists, and Brent W. explains why: basically, Pixar has some mystical direct conduit to my tear ducts.


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