15 Baffling Inspirations Behind Iconic Pop Culture Franchises

15 Baffling Inspirations Behind Iconic Pop Culture Franchises

Ideas for art come from strange and unexpected places. Look, we're writers, and we're not above admitting that we've been carrying around grudges from elementary school, scary images of unwieldy trees we saw whilst hiking in a forest in Norway, and maybe the memory of seeing a drawing of a terrifying, bipedal and be-fanged mythical creature in a book when we weren't quite old enough, and turning all of that into a revenge horror movie screenplay. Everyone does that. Right guys? (looks around staffroom) WE ALL DO THIS, RIGHT GUYS?

So we're very interested in the where inspiration for some of our favorite movies and TV shows comes from. These are people who took their weird hangups and actually got the greenlight to make a movie. Multimillion dollar franchises are sometimes launched by, say, a bad dice roll in a D&D game, or the creator’s house burning down. Just check out these 15 examples of that kind of thing happening:

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