11 Sidekicks Who Shined On The Big Stage

11 Sidekicks Who Shined On The Big Stage

Okay, raise your hand if you're tired of the heavy-hitting heroes always overshadowing their trusty sidekicks. Yeah, we all are too. It seems like every time a new blockbuster comes out; the headline-grabbing main character completely upstages their cohorts. But not this time! Check out these sidekicks who refused to be overshadowed and shined on the big stage. Prepare to have your mind blown (and maybe a little bit of your childhood nostalgia resurrected).

When do you think of sidekicks? Who comes to mind? Probably not often. The first person that pops into our heads is usually a star in their own right. But some sidekicks have proven themselves time and time again on the big stage. We are sharing just a few examples of sidekicks who shined when it mattered most.

While some sidekicks are doomed to failure when they take the spotlight, others seize the moment and shine. Here are eleven supporting players who proved more than worthy of center stage.

REGIS CRACKED.COM America was introduced to Reeg as Joey Bishop's late-night sidekick. Who knew he'd go on to host several talk shows, lord over Millionaire, and become one of Dave Letterman's most beloved guests?


CHRIS PRATT Pratt made the leap from pudgy 5th lead on Parks and Rec to chiseled leading guy in multiple Guardians and Jurassic Park flicks. One key to his success: He brought a dollop of dopey Andy Dwyer to his big-screen starring roles.


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