Can't get enough of the Gang's badly intentioned antics? Don't worry, there's no end in sight for our favorite Philly narcissists. Here are 14 fascinating facts about the production of It's Always Sunny…  

Jordan Reid played Sweet Dee in the pilot Rob McElhenney's then-girlfriend Reid was replaced after the couple broke up by Olson, who later married McElhenney. BEHIND THE SCENES CRACKED COM

Source: Ramshackle Glam

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Charlie has a tattoo for continuity of a one-off joke. In Season 2, Charlie writes Bad New on his forearm, and it has remained on there in every episode since then. BEHIND THE SCENES CRACKED COM

Rob McElhenney had a nightmare that inspired the show. Glenn Howerton describes, The show started as a night terror, basically. A late-night sweating station. BEHIND THE SCENES CRACKED COM

Source: EW

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