Tell Us Now: 22 Movies To Watch On Netflix

22 reader-recommended movies
Tell Us Now: 22 Movies To Watch On Netflix

We turned to you, dear Cracked readers, to collectively watch all of Netflix and come back to us with your favorite picks. On Facebook, we asked, “What's your favorite movie currently streaming on Netflix, and why?” We received a plethora of varied responses, but the most common were action films and documentaries. Here are the top picks, as suggested and voted on by readers like you… 

TELL US NOW. UNCUT GEMS Corey J. gushes, After a while, I forgot I was watching Adam Sandler. The movie is unnerving from the start and just doesn't let up. Perfect ending in my opinion. Only flaw was the overlapping music in the first 20 or So. Push past that
TELL US NOW. TRAIN TO BUSAN Robyn C. says of the South Korean film, It's a great zombie flick not done by Hollywood.
TELL US NOW. RADIUM GIRLS Melanie R. wants you to watch the period piece in order to see why employers need to be held accountable for exposures to toxic substances. Read the book as well.
TELL US NOW. PEPPERMINT Cherrie W. says, This movie is raw grit. It came out in 2018, and I don't know how 0 completely missed it!! This is the ultimate gender-swap kick-ass movie. Say hello to Jenn Wick!!!
TELL US NOW. OLD GUARD & EXTRACTION Tim W. couldn't pick just one. It's a two-way tie for Old Guard and Extraction. Lots of action and great story in both, but if you're looking for a fantasy go with Old Guard, Extraction for a good ground and pound.
TELL US NOW. THE WRONG MISSY Barbara S. suggests that we watch the comedy, saying, It's hilarious and takes you away from the negative world. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. NIGHT STALKER Dan W. recommends the four-part true crime documentary, saying The cinematography and sets, plus storytelling, are off the charts!
TELL US NOW. MUTE Kate B. says, Mute has a bangin' cast, a killer futuristic noir feel, and highlights Paul Rudd in a different character than we've ever seen him in before. Plus, Alexander Skarsgard gets to show an incredible amount of acting talent without vocals. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS Andy C. describes it as a series of incredible animated shorts. Some funny, some gripping, some gruesome, all beautifully done. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. KUNG FU HUSTLE Roberta R. raves, If you want fantastically choreographed fight scenes, ridiculous comedy and the best storyline you've seen, then this is the movie for YOu. It is literally the best martial arts movie EVER. I mean, it's worth watching just to experience The Landlady.
TELL US NOW. HUSH Chantal R. says, It's a wonderful thriller that I absolutely loved and have watched multiple times and enjoyed it each time.
TELL US NOW. HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE Lynell H. suggests the film because it's charming, different, and another example of Taika Waititi's avuncular sense of humor.
TELL US NOW. EXTRACTION Tim S. gushes over the film, saying, It's got heart and a badass, uncut action sequence.
TELL US NOW. REMASTERED: DEVIL AT THE CROSSROADS Shonna G. recommends the documentary, Because if you don't know about Robert Johnson, you need to see this! If you do know about Robert Johnson, you need to see this!!!
TELL US NOW. COOL HAND LUKE Gene A. recommends the 1967 Paul Newman classic because it's... well... Cool Hand Luke. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME Matthew D. says, The Devil All The Time is a movie that still sticks with me 3 months after I watched it. Outstanding performances all around, especially Holland and Pattinson. A story that will grab you and keep you engaged despite the
TELL US NOW. THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7 Brenda S. tells US, Sacha Baron Cohen deserves an Oscar. The Aaron Sorkin legal drama is based on a true story of anti-Vietnam War protesters. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS SALOON Steve H. recommends the dark yet silly Western anthology, by the Coen Brothers.
TELL US NOW. BEHIND THE CURVE Flatearth Robert J. raves about the documentary, saying, It's so awesome to watch flat Earthers prove the world's round. And rotating. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE Jesus S. describes the film as an underrated horror movie by the director of Trollhunter, Andre Ovredal. With Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch.
TELL US NOW. THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT Julia S. says, It's a comedy, a drama, and a love story, and it shows the loudest mouth isn't necessarily the one telling the truth. Plus demonstrates how much people want to be led, by anyone dominant in the press.
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