15 Misguided Attempts to Keep Long-Running Franchises up with the Times

These are the pop-culture equivalent of your dad trying to be cool.
15 Misguided Attempts to Keep Long-Running Franchises up with the Times

There are a few constants in this world: death, taxes, and misguided attempts to keep long-running franchises "up with the times." Just when you think those concepts couldn't possibly get more mundane, along comes another reboot/remake/revival of some beloved but aging franchise. Whether it's Hollywood desperate to recapture past glory or game developers unwilling to let go of a successful series, these resurrections often end up feeling forced and out-of-touch. Here's hoping that 2018 will finally be the year when studios and publishers learn to let go of their precious IPs and give them the respectful endings they deserve.

But when your franchise has been going on for years (let alone decades), it can be hard to keep things fresh and relevant. Introducing new, trendy stuff can seriously misfire if you aren’t careful -- and by being careful, we mean “know what the Hell you’re doing.” For every Goof Troop or DuckTales reboot, there are many… well, many of these. Chase trends just because they’re trendy, and you’re very likely to be flooring the gas pedal on the way to Lametown.

We hope these at least serve as cautionary tales on how not to be down with the kids.

HIPPIE GOLEMS! 1968 Artists over at DC came up with Power Brother, the Geek- a tailor's dummy animated by lightning, which lived among hippies. Higher

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