14 'MythBusters' Behind-The-Scenes Moments

14 'MythBusters' Behind-The-Scenes Moments

We here at Cracked owe a lot to the MythBusters crew. Debunking commonly-held incorrect beliefs is kind of a big thing around here, and this show really got in on that angle early. It's always good to salute your influences, so we're giving our thanks to those crazy old TV mad scientists with this Pictofact. 

In all seriousness, MythBusters ran for 14 seasons with the original hosts, and they taught us a lot: bigger chest means bigger tips, a penny dropped from a skyscraper won't result in death, and the area near a fireplace is colder than the rest of the room, to name a few. The team consisted of fascinating, curious, and competent people who put their smarts to good use. They were out here trying to make us all smarter and prove life was interesting. A noble cause if ever there was one. Here are some behind-the-scenes tidbits that will make you miss the show in its original form. 

SCOTTIE CHAPMAN IS NOW A DENTAL HYGIENIST CRACKED COM She has previously worked in welding, machining, metal fabrication, horse training, video game t

Source: Heavy

JAMIE HYNEMAN LEFT HOME AT 14-YEARS-OLD AND HITCHHIKED ALL OVER THE COUNTRY He ran away with $1.49 and a backpack. He lied about his age, worked as a

Source: Tested

ADAM SAVAGE AND JAMIE HYNEMAN DON'T GET ALONG WITH EACH OTHER CRAGKED CON They get along building things together but drive each other absolutely bat

Source: Insider

GRANT IMAHARA OPERATED R2-D2. Imahara updated the the R2 models for 2002's Attack of the Clones.

Source: Newsweek

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