Tell Us Now: How Does Hollywood Misrepresent Your Job?

Doctors don't do x-rays.
Tell Us Now: How Does Hollywood Misrepresent Your Job?

Hollywood scripts are written by … writers, so chances are their experience in occupations they are writing about is non-existent. And if they don't consult with someone who works within the field, this ignorance shows. We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “How does Hollywood misrepresent your job?” Here are 18 complaints you had about your professional representation in movies and TV shows … 

TELL US NOW. COLLEGE PROFESSORS TOEPEHI NEDLC Cr NPICN 7IT 31 Shelby C. tells US they're misrepresented as old, white, tweed-iacket wearing snobs. Th
TELL US NOW. TEACHERS Michael R. reminds US, Teachers teach several classes. In the movies or television, it's the same small group of kids in every
TELL US NOW. STORM CHASER Chris D. says, Twister misrepresents people who try to profit off it as bad guys. Only a select few can ever hope to secu
TELL US NOW. RESTAURANT WORKER James S. is annoyed to see restaurant workers having the same schedule as their office-working friends so they hang ou
TELL US NOW. PROGRAMMER Mark S. says, Programming seems SO cool and magical. The movies never show the programmer searching for a bug in a program so
TELL US NOW. ORGAN DONATION 5-SECOND RULE! 5-SECOND RULE! Brittany P. dislikes the part on Grey's Anatomy when Meredith drops the kidney on the O.R.
TELL US NOW. OFFICE WORKER Saundra S. tells US, They literally never show potlucks, and potlucks are like such a huge part of office culture. CRACKE
TELL US NOW. MILITARY Lauren G. says, Movies ALWAYS underrepresent the amount of red tape that goes into any decision. Just buying office chairs took
TELL US NOW. KITCHEN WORKERS wnireyuyrarare.tum Mike H., when thinking of fight scenes in kitchens, says, I don't think movie makers realize what kin
TELL US NOW. HVAC ENGINEER Don't get me started on using ventilation ducts to move around in a building, says Bill F. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. GAS STATION WORKERS IF YOU PLAN TO SHOPLIFT. LET us Know THANKS. Eric G. tells US, Gas station workers aren't actually all slackers and
TELL US NOW. EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT Rachel C. tells US, There's no way I get paid enough to wear the kind of wardrobe we're always costumed in. Also, su
TELL US NOW. DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING Jeff W. pleads, Doctors DO NOT run CT scanners, MRIs or take x-rays. Not even radiologists know how to operate them.
TELL US NOW. CHILD PROTECTIVE CASEWORKER Amymarie G. says, Yes, we are all overworked, but we do care and we do know where the kids on our caseloads
TELL US NOW. CONCERT SOUND ENGINEER Ron S. explains, The movies show non-stop parties and groupies, when in reality it's 6 am load-ins and a lot of t
TELL US NOW. BARTENDER Cat L. reminds US, If you order a 'beer,' I'm gonna need you to be a tad more specific.
TELL US NOW. ART TEACHERS Corey L. says, Art teachers aren't all flowery, hippie, space-cadets. Most of US are normal adults who kept our imagination
TELL US NOW. ARCHITECT Kevin S. says, There is no way Ted is an actual architect. Too much free time. Too much money. Too much energy. CRACKED.COM
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