14 Cancelled TV Show Spinoffs (Before They Had A Chance To Stink)

14 Cancelled TV Show Spinoffs (Before They Had A Chance To Stink)

Reboots, such as "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," which was off the air for 31 hours before being resurrected, and cult favorites, such as "Futurama," which also terminated once Fox quit buying episodes, are potential examples. 

All good things must come to an end eventually. This is especially true in the case of television programs. Not every show can be as long-running as "The Simpsons," which airs from what seems to be the dawn of time through, well, after the heat death of the universe. Except for Springfield's never-aging family, most TV shows are canceled at some point. Even now, the best shows start getting the ax, whether it's because of dwindling ratings, a story that becomes too difficult to continue, or off-screen unscripted turmoil.

It's not enough to put a fan-favorite character into The Big City and call it a day. Alternatively, you can try, but you'll wind up like these failed spinoffs:

GOSSIP GIRL Valley Girls LOS ANGELES POLICE LILY RHODES CRACKEDCON Gossip Girl took a stab at the 80's nostalgia beat in 2009, long before Stranger Th

AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Marvel's Most Wanted CRACKED.COM This unaired morsel of the MCU was in production limbo for 5 years before ABC officially passe

DOCTOR WHO Rose Tyler: Earth Defence CRACKED COM This BBC holiday special was supposed to feature the beloved companion in what would be a tradition o

SMALLVILLE Aquaman CRACKED COM Pretty much Free Willy meets Captain Planet, but a bit more supernatural. And substantially hornier.

STAR TREK Assignment: Earth CRACKED COM With the fate of Star Trek hanging in the balance in its 2nd season, Gene Roddenberry was brainstorming his ne

GILMORE GIRLS Windward Circle CRACKED CON Jess Mariano was written out of Gilmore Girls in part because they were prepping the character for his own s

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER How Met Your Dad This was just a gender-swapped HIMYM with Meg Ryan in the Saget role. CBS didn't care for the chaff that made u

FRIENDS Girlfriends CRACKED COM Ditzy Phoebe and brainy Charlie would move in together, Odd Couple-style, after having like, one entire interaction in

WHO'S THE BOSS? Mona CRACKED COM They actually filmed a pilot where Mona runs a hotel in NYC. But the network decided they needed all horny hands on d

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Ripper CRACKED.COM Librarian zaddy Rupert Giles was almost the focus of several spinoffs -- a BBC series, a TV movie, a strai

SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH Witchright Hall Melissa Joan Hart's actual sister appeared on a few episodes of Sabrina, as her jerk cousin. For a time, The

THE OFFICE The Farm CRACKED.COM We were treated to a backdoor pilot of this concept when we saw Aunt Shirley's funeral in season 9... and that was pro
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