We here at Cracked love our Easter eggs. That's why we find it totally awesome to learn that there are Easter eggs hiding all around us in real life.

We asked you to bring us some of those Easter eggs that we never noticed, and gave $200 to the winner ...

Entry by allanime01

SA CRACKEDCON adidas R Created by Peter Moore, the shape of the 3 stripes in the Adidas logo are actually mountains. They are meant to represent chall

Entry by JohnSmith69


Entry by John E.

You might know that the large letter on a dollar bill tells which Federal Reserve Bank issued an order on it. K A=Boston, B= New York, C=Philadelphia.

Entry by dritjon

GRADLOW Antarctica Asia al Europe America North South Africa America The seven spikes OD the Statue of Liberty's crown represent the 7 continents of t

Entry by JohnSmith69

CRACKEDOON ROXY Roxy, the sporting gear Line for woMEn intro- duced by Quicksilver in he '905, cregted their hegr logo by iLting Hhe original mount

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