25 Symbols You Never Noticed in Everyday Life


We here at Cracked love our Easter eggs. That's why we find it totally awesome to learn that there are Easter eggs hiding all around us in real life.

We asked you to bring us some of those Easter eggs that we never noticed, and gave $200 to the winner ...

Entry by Caz747

BACARDI OSO OO0O In 1862 the wife of the Bacardi founder, Don Facundo Bacardi Masso, suggested using a bat as the company logo, the tin roofed distill

Entry by pauluncg

CRACKEDCON SMILE! You can get everything you want from a to Z at... amazon.com

Entry by tesla777

In ancient Rome, fasces symbolized power and authority. It is a bound bundle of rods with an axe in the middle. You can find this symbol in government

Entry by wallybear

What do you see in the Milwaukee Brewers Logo used from 978-1993? A Ball Glove? or The Team's Initials?

Entry by Ruy Platt

The blobs of paint behind Museum of London aren't simply random blobs of paint. MUSEUM OF LONDON Each colored layer is the shape of London's map in

Entry by John E.

Lady Liberty is not depicted as standing still Her right foot is raised and broken shackles and chains are around her feet showing that she is in the

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