12 Couples Who Fell In (And Out Of) Love On SNL

12 Couples Who Fell In (And Out Of) Love On SNL

“I don’t know what goes on backstage now, but I remember the dressing rooms were put to some good sexual purposes back when we were there,” remembers Dan Ackroyd. No word on dressing room antics, but backstage romance remains alive and well at SNL.  Here are 12 couples, some successful, some not, that got their start on the show. 

EMMA STONE + DAVE MCCARY CRACKED COM SNL writer/ director Dave Mccary proposed to Emma Stone in the most romantic place he could think of: the 30 Rock


COLIN JOST + SCARLETT JOHANSSON ORAGKEDCON Like many romances, it began when Jost wrote a sketch where ScarJo plays a pregnant teen. Seeing sparks, Ka


JAN HOOKS + KEVIN NEALON CRACKED CO Jan Hooks and Kevin Nealon were dating when they were cast on SNL in 1986, but their romance only lasted a season.


BEN AFFLECK -+ LINDSAY SHOOKUS CRACKED COM After a series of failed celebrity romances (Jennifer Garner, JLO), Affleck took up with SNL producer Linds



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