15 Famous People With (Unknown) Super Weird Hobbies

15 Famous People With (Unknown) Super Weird Hobbies

We tend to think of celebrities as something other than people. After all, they are typically wealthier beyond our imagination and live lives that aren't typical to the regular Joe Schmoe, Jane Schmane, or Louis Schmouis. What can they possible have in common with the common man? Well, you might be playing Command and Conquer: Red Alert on your PC online and be surprised when you're paired up against John Cena.

Celebrities may not live like us, but many of them have the same hobbies that we enjoy. It's just that on occasion the hobbies can be a bit more eccentric. Like Professor Slughorn's carvings of weird wooden dolls or Bob Dylan lighting up a blowtorch to make steampunk metal gates. You might be serving jury duty and wondering why Lucy Lawless is in attendance at the trial.

Take a look and see if have any hobbies in common with these eccentric celebrities.

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