Film studios just don't know when to call it quits. If there's just a little bit of cash left in the pockets of a Star Wars fan, they'll enlist all manner of celebrity and puppetry to extract it. 

But sometimes, we're spared an awful sequel due to actor vanity, budget concerns, or, occasionally, good old-fashioned artistic integrity. Here are a few famous movies that narrowly avoided disastrous sequels:

Godzilla 1998 CRACKED COM This was supposed to be a whole trilogy, which is why it ends on a heavy-handed hatched egg cliffhanger. It technically got

Super Mario Bros. CRACKEDCO This endearing disaster ends with a mighty confident call to a new adventure: Daisy returns to enlist the Bros. on a myste

E.T. Spielberg is sitting on a script for E.T. Il: NOCTURNAL FEARS, about E.T. saving Elliott from a spaceship full of carnivorous aliens. But he sa

Casablanca Producers keep trying to ruin its sterling legacy with sequels like RETURN TO CASABLANCA and BRAZZAVILLE. Luckily, Warner Bros. has yet to

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Forrest Gump FORREST GUMP 2: GUMP & CO. didn't happen because of 9 11. The author quickly published a sequel book (about New Coke and Exxon Valdez and

The Breakfast Club CRACKED COM John Hughes was dangerously close to making THE BREAKFAST CLUB: 10 YEARS LATER. Thankfully, he realized there's no exc

Ferris Bueller's Day Off There exists somewhere a cursed script for FERRIS BUELLER 2: ANOTHER DAY OFF, wherein Ferris is a 40-year-old life coach, Cam

Gladiator At Russell Crowe's own request, the Gladiator screenwriter wrote up GLADIATOR 2: CHRIST KILLER, a truly bonkers story about the dead gladiat

Elf Will Ferrell turned down $29 million to make ELF 2 because of gross- artistic integrity. He said he didn't want to make a follow-up that would er

Office Space CRACKED COM The studio undermined Mike Judge all throughout production. Then, when it wasn't an immediate hit, they jumped... to conclusi

Freddy VS. Jason It took over a decade to get the two franchises to play nice (and brutalize each other for our entertainment). They sparked some sequ

Mac and Me CRACKED COM The E.T. ripoff ended with a cartoon bubble promising, menacingly, WE'LL BE BACK. As a recurring Paul Rudd bit? Sure. As a feat

Airplane Il: The Sequel They teased AIRPLANE Ill post-credits, but Robert Hays (Captain Striker) explained that he pulled the plug because sequels wer

Batman & Robin CRACKED.COM They were So confident it'd be a hit, they hired Joel Schumacher to direct a 5th installment while the 4th was still in pro

Green Lantern This was supposed to crack the DC Extended Universe wide open -the post-credit scene teased Sinestro putting on the yellow ring- but eve
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