Are you sitting down? This may come as a surprise, but TV execs will do anything to make a buck – up to, including, and especially bastardizing your favorite characters. They know you just want one last hit of M*A*S*H, and even if the spinoff sucks, you'll tune in long enough for them to sell you some Brylcreem or whatever.

Here are some smash-hit TV shows that were subjected to head-scratching spinoffs:

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Doctor Who K-9 1.9 CRACKED.COM Writer Bob Baker co-created the robotic dog-ish companion, and owned partial rights to it. But since the BBC wasn't inv

Blue's Clues BLUE'S ROOM CRACKED COM This I-puppet spinoff, which actually overlapped with the real deal for 3 years, revealed that Blue could talk th

That '70s Show THAT '80S SHOW CRACKED COM Ever wonder what That '70s Show would be like if it took place in a Hot Topic and starred a pre-fame Glenn H

M*A'*S'H W*A*L*T*E*R CRACKED COM Technically, this is a spinoff of a spinoff (the doomed, season AfterMash). They took the popular character Radar, st

Welcome Back, Kotter MR. T AND TINA CRACKED COM Before he played the iconic Mr. Miyagi, Pat Morita played two Takahashis at the same time. He was Arno

Happy Days BLANSKY'S BEAUTIES SCOTI BAIO If they could turn a single appearance by an oddly hairy alien into the wildly successful Mork & Mindy, they

Cheers THE TORTELLIS With a stacked, dynamic cast of classic characters, who deserves a spinoff more than: Carla...'s ex-husband... and his new family

Rugrats RUGRATS: PRE-SCHOOL DAZE Nickelodeon decided to go back in time, to when their hit characters didn't exist yet, and see what Angelica was up t
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