15 Unexpected Facts About Movie & TV Show Locations

15 Unexpected Facts About Movie & TV Show Locations

Some movies are shot against green screens, leaving the actors all crying. But others are shot in real places, and the more you learn about them, the more you appreciate the film ... or, just occasionally, the more the film seems totally ridiculous.

SCHOOL OF ROCK CRACKED CON This film was shot at John Marshall High School in Los Feliz. As was Zapped!, Rebel Without a Cause, Raiders of the Lost Ar

Source: MTV

GONE WITH THE WIND CRACKEDCON For the burning of Atlanta, the sets of several previous movies were set ablaze, including King Kong and King of Kings.

Source: CNN

THE MARTIAN CRACKEDCON Want to experience the grand vistas of Mars but don't have $6 billion to spare? Go to Wadi Rum, Jordan! The Valley of the Moon

Source: CNN

RAISE THE TITANIC CRACKED CON This 1980 movie's 55-foot model ship cost $5 million. The tank that floated it cost another $3 mil. Said a producer, It

Source: BBC

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