20 Fascinating Food Traditions From Around The World

The beauty of the world comes from the vast and varied ways in which its residents live their lives, and that extends to food. For example, some people actually ENJOY sauerkraut. Imagine! Collected below are 20 of the most interesting traditions and meals from around the globe.


Thailand CRACKEDG COM Even the least traveled Americans these days know forks aren't a global utensil. However, in Thailand, you will get a fork... bu

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India CRACKEDC COM In India, hands are the utensil of choice, more specifically, the right hand. Eating with your left hand is considered unclean. Per

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China CRACKEDc COM Done with your rice? Don't leave your chopsticks stuck in there upright. This is how rice is left as an offering at funerals, SO it

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Georgia CRACKED coNT The country of Georgia makes traditional wine in a clay urn called a qvevri that they bury underground. Better than the STATE of

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Brazil CRACKEDG Many countries eschew utensils altogether. Brazil takes the opposite stance. While there, you should always use utensils, no matter wh

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China CRACKEDo Flipping the fish may sound like weird poker slang, but it's actually exactly what it sounds like, and it's considered bad luck in Ch

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Armenia CRACKEDC COM If you ever attend a wedding in Armenia, you may notice sheets of traditional lavash bread draped over the newlyweds' shoulders.

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United Kingdom CRACKEDcO If you're enjoying a cuP of tea in the UK, make sure your spoon doesn't hit the cup while stirring, and don't leave the spoon

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China CRACKEDC COM Clean plates are a demand of American mothers everywhere. If you're in China, though, it's considered a sign that you're still hung

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South Korea YHote &0 880842848 018 CRACKEDC cor In South Korea, check the table for the eldest eater before you start. Waiting to dig in until the old

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Russia CRACKEDCO Don't be surprised if in Russia you see diners eating burgers with disposable latex gloves on. It's an easy way to make sure that you

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Portugal CRACKEDc .COM Decide you want to spice up your meal in Portugal? Keep it to yourself. Asking for salt and pepper is an insult to the chef. Wh

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Mongolia CRACKEDcO As Genghis Khan expanded the Mongol empire, he and his troops were fueled by airag, fermented horse milk. Now you've learned a bit

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The Maasai CRACKEDO For the Maasai people of Africa, cow's milk is a staple of their diet, as well as the cow's blood. Before you criticize it, rememb

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Korea 312 uloonooussww 7 .16 19133 Tanelae 752 YSitE CRACKEDO CONE Never pour your own drink in Korea. Proper etiquette says you should wait or reque

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Japan CRACKEDCO COM When you pick up chopsticks, do you rub them together to hear that sweet, sweet clickety-clack? Avoid it in Japan, where rubbing t

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Japan CRACKED cO If you ever end up in Japan on December 25, you'd better get your KFC order in early. KFC launched a Christmas meal there in 1970 and

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Inuits sy CRACKED.cO In some Inuit cultures, mostly centralized in Greenland and Northern Canada, farting after a meal is a compliment, showing apprec

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Japan CRACKEDOOM Visiting Japan, finding out what ramen tastes like when not cooked in a dorm room microwave? Slurp loud and proud. Loud slurping is b

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Indonesia CRACKED. COM The Toraja, a native culture in Indonesia, believe the soul of the dead stays in the body until the funeral. As to not leave th

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