26 Movies Coming Out In 2021

26 Movies Coming Out In 2021

2020 can go to Hell. Good GOD, remember how awful that year was? There was a whole pandemic that…checks news, clicks on bookmark for CDC website, gets depressed that the CDC website is bookmarked…STILL HASN'T ENDED??! Yeah, 2020 can go to Hell. Or maybe Hell is too good for 2020.

Anyway 2021, hopefully, can go to theaters. Movies are humanity's safest drug, and they're best consumed in Dolby surround sound with other, more unsafe drugs, like excessively buttered popcorn and sugary soda and a pile of little chocolate sugar pellets you consume fast enough that you don't realize your stomach hurts. Give us that healing escapism we so desperately need after a trash year. Here's a quick reminder of 26 movies that'll be out in 2021. It is in no way comprehensive, but a quick reminder of some movies to look forward to in the coming year since you probably haven't been watching trailers. 

West Side Story DECEMBER 10 CRACKEDcO Steven Spielberg gives us musical theater nerds big expectations that better not be disappointed.

Vivo JUNE 4 SONY PIcrREs JIVO ANIMATION Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the songs for Sony Animation's first foray into musicals.

The Father FEBRUARY 26 D SOXENET GREAISCREEN e ete ouRDEoRce Fe 1 DYNASITEE O IRTATEARING CRACKED COM ULOC A woman (the ever-delightful Olivia Colman)

Spiral MAY 21 CRACKED COM Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson star in the ninth installment of the Saw franchise.

Space Jam: A New Legacy JULY 16 SPACE JI CRACKED.COM This is one sequel that's completely necessary. LeBron James stars alongside Bugs Bunny & Co.

The Many Saints of Newark MARCH 12 Finally, a prequel to The Sopranos. We're excited to see Hamilton's Leslie Odom Jr. star in this film.

Old JULY 23 OLD The M. Night Shyamalan project is shrouded in secrecy, of course.

No Time To Die APRIL 2 CRACKED .COM. See Daniel Craig as James Bond for the last time, where Bond comes out of retirement for one last mission. (Very

Nomadland FEBRUARY 19 CRACKED COM Frances McDormand stars as a woman who loses it all and starts livin' the van life. The film is already generating p

Morbius MARCH 19 CRACKED.CON Another super-hero movie starring Jared Leto that no one asked for. Hey, we hope we're pleasantly surprised.

Last Night in Soho 23 APRIL LAST NIGHT IN SOho CRACKED COM This psychological horror film is about a young designer who travels back to the '60s Londo

The Last Duel OCTOBER 15 CRACKED cO Incredible talent JOdie Comer joins long-time BFFS Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (and is-he-isn't-he hunk Adam Driver

The King's Man MARCH 12 CRACKED COM The prequel to Kingsman: The Great Game stars Ralph Fiennes.

Jackass 4 SEPTEMBER 3 B CRACKEDCO Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O were recently hospitalized due to injuries, following in the tradition of previous inst

In the Heights JUNE 18 CRACKED COM The Lin-Manuel Miranda pre-Hamilton musical gets some proper attention.

Godzilla VS. Kong MAY 21 If you like to watch things go smash, this'll be the monster mash for you.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife JUNE 11 Calm down, it's not related to the woman reboot. It's a direct sequel to the original, set 30 years in the future.

Free Guy APRIL 16 Ryan Reynolds stars as an NPC in a video game who becomes self-aware.

F9 MAY 28 CRACKEDCON You already know whether you're going to watch the newest of the Fast & Furious series. Here's just a reminder it's coming.

Dune JULY 16 CRACKED COM Hollywood golden boy Timothee Chalamet stars in this new ambitious adaptation of the unadaptable sci-fi novel.

Coming 2 America MARCH 5 New York The 1988 classic finally gets a sequel, starring Eddie Murphy (of course), Arsenio Hall, Jermaine Fowler, Leslie Jon

Cinderella FEBRUARY 5 CRACKEDCON This musical retelling of the fairy tale classic features Camila Cabello, Billy Porter, ldina Menzel, Pierce Brosnan,

Candyman AUGUST 27 FIM  NIA CASTA JOMAN AN PBCET PEELE CIANDYMAN Jordan Peele is a co-writer and producer on this highly anticipated slasher.

Black Widow MAY 7 CRACKEDCON Look, Scarlett Johansson's character is finally getting her own Marvel movie. We're clearly watching it.

Bios APRIL 16 CRACKEDCON This sci-fi drama stars Tom Hanks as the last man on Earth, who creates an android to take care of his dog when he dies. We'r

A Quiet Place Part IL APRIL 23 CRACKED COM This sequel is guaranteed to be even quieter than the first. (Not really, but there's a baby in this one th

Let us know which movies you are looking forward to!

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