13 Strange Yet Fascinating Facts About Movies (And More)

13 Strange Yet Fascinating Facts About Movies (And More)

Filmmaking may be full of unexpected twists and turns. Some may have been planned, while others happened by chance. Many of these make it to the big screen, while others remain unnoticed as forgotten pieces of film history.

According to recent statistics, movies are by far the most popular form of entertainment both among old and young people all over the globe. Each year, the movie business produces millions and millions of dollars. Despite the massive amounts of money that go into them and the attention they draw, these modern spectacles of entertainment often harbor strange yet fascinating secrets. 

The thing is, these fascinating factoids don’t stop with movies. For example, it's commonly assumed that you should arrive for important competitions with a clear head and a well-rested body; however, this appears to be incorrect. At least once, someone did the exact opposite and yet won. More on that, as well as 12 other articles, may be found here:

Hong Kong's Kowloon Walled City had a population density of 3.25 million people per square mile. It was an old military fort turned into a dystopian s

Source: PopSci

In 2014, a male guinea pig at an animal park got into the female pen and fathered about 400 babies. Staff weren't sure if he escaped or if a child acc

Source: ITV

Jamie Foxx chose his name to get an edge. When Eric Marlon Bishop started doing open mic nights in 1989, male comedians would get called to the stage

Source: Yahoo!

In 2016, scientists mobilized to find a way for a snail to have sex. Jeremy was a snail with a very rare left-curling shell, and he could only reprodu

Source: NPR

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