Origins Of 14 Christmas Traditions, Explained

Origins Of 14 Christmas Traditions, Explained

Many Christmas traditions' origins have been inaccurately rewritten to reflect a Christian narrative. But Christmas is celebrated in the U.S. through a hodge-podge of different cultural histories, as evidenced by the following 14 traditions…. 

Gingerbread Houses CRACKEDCO Queen Elizabeth I is credited with the idea of decorating gingerbread men, but gingerbread houses originated in 16th cent

Source: PBS

Wrapping Paper CRACKEDCON Gift wrapping was first documented in ancient China. It was popularized in the U.S. when Hallmark founder J.C. Hall ran out

Source: NPR

Santa's Reindeer CRACKED COM The Night Before Christmas in 1822 kick-started the lore. But, in 1926, businessman Carl Lomen, tried to mass-market re

Source: CNN

Eggnog Medieval Britain had a drink called posset, a milky ale used to toast to good health. It led to eggnog, which became a holiday tradition with A

Source: TIME

Advent Calendars Deibnadits Kalender CRACKED co In the mid-1800s, German Lutherans made chalk marks on doors to count the days leading up to Christmas

Hanging Stockings 600'53 CRACKED C The legend is that a poor man couldn't afford dowries for his daughters, SO St. Nick snuck gold into stockings left

Source: Metro


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