16 Real-Life Mad Scientists Deleted From History Books

16 Real-Life Mad Scientists Deleted From History Books

Hey, science is awesome, you know? It has given us many incredible things, such as the genetic code to peanut butter cups. And even though, clearly, the pressure eventually reaches the world’s largest great thinkers. We realize you, scientists; sometimes life needs to push you to the breaking point, and you just say, "Screw it," and abandon the entire process.

The research lab is located down a staircase, away from the light. It has fizzing glassware but also arcane electro-mechanical machines. This same scientist is solitary, naive, as well as egotistical. He informs "The Foundation" regarding his humanistic goals, but his mammal essence tends to drive him to paranormal happenings.

The image of a mad scientist is overpowering. We can't dismiss it as just another work of fictional works. When we relax our defense, we regress to this image of science and technology. We must inquire about where it came from and what it means.

michael Persinger TY- 3 CRACKED CON Persinger invented a helmet to see God. It's a modified snowmobile helmet with magnetic fields, and most people wh

Source: Wired

Hwang Woo-Suk 14 3 CRACKEDCON Woo-Suk wants to clone a woolly mammoth, and he doesn't mind committing fraud to get it done. He embezzled funds to buy

Source: Wired

Robert Ha0 White T=  3,14 White transplanted one monkey's head onto another's body. The frankenmonkey survived but was paralyzed, as severing the spin

Source: CNN 

Sergei Brukhonenko TY- 314 14 3 VENOUS PUMP ARTERIAL PUMP CRACKEDCON This Soviet scientist was working on the first heart-lung machine. So he beheaded

Source: Nature

Duncan MacDougall T- 14 3 CRACKEDCO MacDougallweighed dying people before and after death to determine how much the soul weighs. He concluded that the

Source: NPR

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