Once moviegoers saw their first naked lady, heard their first scandalous toilet flush, and witnessed Ol' Blue Eyes get karate chopped in the face… well, there was no stuffing the genie back in the bottle.

The first 555- phone number. 1961 EN ER SCOTT CRACKED CON The Second Time Around is the first instance of a production using the false phone number pr

The first $100 million movie. 1975 CRACKED CON Jaws was one of the first films to be released nationwide, all at once, instead of slowly rolled out ac

The first CGI. 1973 We get to see through the eyes of an evil robot in a scene in Westworld, and it's... boring. The motif was inspired by the first i

The first cell phone. 1987 It's roughly the size and shape of a decent vacuum, but that's in fact Murtaugh barking into film's first cell phone in Let

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The first PG-13 rating. 1984 CRACKEDGO COM Even though it clocked in at 134 acts of violence per hour (Guinness counted), Red Dawn was the first film

The first GPS device. 1964 CRACKEDCON Not surprisingly, James Bond is the first movie character to use a tracking device and fire up his archaic Garmi

The first interracial kiss. 1957 CRACKED CON Although it was highly controversial, Island in the Sun, a film about interracial romance, was also a box

The first toilet flush. 1960 uyether PE erent- een VERA itement!!! CRACKED CO Alfred Hitchcock was the only man brave enough to imply that someone wou

The first karate fight. 1962 CRACKED COM Frank Sinatra has the honor of inciting the first-ever karate fight in American cinema in The Manchurian Cand

The first spit-take. 1906 CRACKED COM Dream of a Rarebit Scheme was a 7-minute long comic strip adaptation that marketed itself as a revolution in spe

The first motion picture. 1885 CRACKED COM Louis Le Prince, aka The Zaddy of Cinematography, was the first to film a moving sequence on a film-like st

The first copyrighted motion picture. 1894 CRACKED COM W.K. Dickson copyrighted Fred Ott's Sneeze, a 5-second film of Thomas Edison's assistant snorti

The first movie studio. 1893 CRACKEDcO Thomas Edison's New Jersey studio, The Black Maria, was built for about $600 to produce short films for the Kin

The first full frontal nudity. 1916 CRACKEDCON Annette Kellermann was an Australian swimmer who broke barriers by wearing a scandalous one-piece bathi

The first movie filmed in color. 1922 CRACKEDCON COM There are color films that predate this one, but they all required post-production coloring proce

The first to credit the full crew. 1977 George Lucas decided to list every last crew member in the Star Wars final credit crawl. Before that, only dep
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