21 Things That Are Only Romantic in Movies

‘Relentlessly pursuing an ex’
21 Things That Are Only Romantic in Movies

More than just about any other art form, movies provide an escape into a world where everything is just less stupid. (Unless it’s an Adam Sandler movie, but that’s a fun kind of stupid, not “customers don’t understand the concept of a menu” stupid.) Everyone is hotter and everything is more exciting, whether it’s a terrorist attack or a first date.

In fact, romance especially is served up in an overly idealized format on screen. In a movie, you never have to go over your budget for next month or remind anyone to take out the trash. Love conquers all, you never have to say you’re sorry and grand gestures are as routine as dental cleanings.

But those grand gestures can get pretty damn creepy. Like, do you actually want someone to show up at your office with flowers and an acoustic guitar? We would be embarrassed, and we write about jokes for a living. That’s just one example — after user Dabrigstar asked r/AskReddit, “What’s something that is romantic in movies but creepy in real life?,” Reddit came up with plenty of others.

Gliese Зу ago Not taking no for an answer
enstentyp Зу ago Grabbing a hold of a woman's arm and keeping her from walking away
jackiea40 Зу ago An overdramatic proposal in front of a bunch of strangers.
gabbie4567152 Зу ago Winking when you are flirting with someone
Ashtronica2 Зу ago When people talk like really close to each others faces, like 2 inches apart.
tbodole Зу ago - Stalking someone to learn more information about them and then using said information to WOO them
Toot_My_Own_Horn Зу ago Turning up on someone's doorstep when they haven't given you their address
 Зу ago Serenading them at their doorstep Imao
Captain_Kuru Зу ago Staring at you while you sleep. (Looking at you Edward Cullen, you creepy ass son of a bitch)
fierce82 Зу ago Kissing someone who is asleep
Aunt_Gladys Зу ago Forced kisses to shut up. My guy, she's being emotional and trying to work through her feelings and all you do is claim her lips. No.
emmabutlermmu Зу ago F Showing up at someone's work... If someone I was dating showed up at my office, I would be mortified! Like learn some boundaries people!!
martigrxs Зу ago Romantically throwing rocks at someone's window to get their attention. Bruh u better be ready to pay for insurance :/
lizzyborden669 Зу ago Relentlessly pursuing an ex who clearly doesn't want you back. Sorry dude, leaving wine and roses in your ex girlfriend's car while she's at work isn't cute, it's super creepy and stalkerish
 Зу ago Guys who want to pick you up for a first date. They might not seem like a serial killer but neither did Ted Bundy.
friendlyarmada Зу ago Surprising your partner with massive financial decisions. If you don't mind, I'd like to weigh in before you buy me a car or even a fucking house!
PreferredSelection Зу ago Any kind of combat. Sword fights, fisticuffs, or any other kind of violence on behalf of the person you're trying to WOO. And even if violence is called for - if you do end up being the person who physically saves a woman from harm? That is not the time for flirting.
sloth_warlock85 Зу ago Having scream-fighting matches with your partner constantly because you're both so passionate like in the notebook...like, nah bro. You're just incompatible. That shit ain't cute
Squirrel009 Зу ago Stopping someone's wedding and asking them to be with you. Really? You couldn't shoot your shot before the wedding? Its not a surprise event. You're really going to embarrass everyone involved and destroy their wedding day when you could have just showed up last Wednesday?
IWantTheLastSlice Зу ago Someone coming home and finding their entire apartment full of flowers when the sender obviously had no legal way to get in
Screenbfellowhank083 Зу ago Hugh Grant


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