21 Lies Everyone Believes Because of Movies

British redcoats don’t sound like that
21 Lies Everyone Believes Because of Movies

Movies are called movies because, well, it’s short for “moving pictures,” which is absurd when you think about it, but the people in the movies are called actors because they’re only acting like what they’re doing is real. That means that every movie is a lie; the only difference is scale. No, you can’t gain the ability to fly by thinking happy thoughts, you don’t only use 10 percent of your brain, and it’s incredibly difficult to sneak even one snake on a plane.

But you didn’t believe any of that in the first place. There are probably lots of things, however, that you do believe based on what you see on-screen. Pop quiz: How long does it take to knock someone out with chloroform? What kind of hats did Vikings wear? At what point in the childbirth process does the water break? After user jarl_of_joensuu asked r/AskReddit, “What false facts are thought (of) as real ones because of (the) film industry?,” Redditors answered all of those questions, probably completely differently from you, so study up, blockhead.

helderroem 9y ago Chloroform won't knock you out in seconds, it takes about 5 minutes of huffing on a soaked rag
 9y ago Clonking someone on the head will knock them out for a few minutes, after which they'll get up and suffer no other consequences.
slickguy 9y ago Catching someone that's falling 10 stories before they hit the ground will save their life!
 9y ago a fast travelling vehicle can get serious air and land with no structural consequences and without the passengers suffering injury
tyrannomantis . 9y ago Vikings having horned helmets seems like a pretty common misconception.
FatuousOocephalus . 9y ago There is no evidence that Salieri tormented Mozart to death as depicted in the movie 'Amadeus'. There was a rivalry between the two when Mozart first moved to Vienna but they later became friends.
 9y ago British redcoats are always displayed in a completely inaccurate way. They've always got posh British accents and nice clean uniforms. In reality they were often from poorer backgrounds, especially compared to their French counterparts. They were rougher, difficult to handle and had a reputation in Europe for horrible manners. Uniforms of that time are always portrayed as nicely ironed with nice white shirts, which is quite an achievement when you consider thousands more would die from disease while on the march than actual combat. At the Battle of Waterloo all the British soldiers actually had pink trousers
RedWave33 9y ago The water that comes out from the sprinklers on the ceilings when a fire happens is NOT clean. Movies show it like a shower that revitalizes your skin while putting out fire, but in reality its pressurized water that may have been there when the building was constructed. That means the pipes have accumulated some rust and the stuff that's gonna fall out is Dirty, Rusty, Water that you don't want to get close to.
 9y ago Frogs going ribbit. A pacific tree frog is the only one that does it, and just so happens to live on the west coast of america (so this is what the sound recordist used).
shrimpcreole 9y ago High school students look like attractive, acne-free college students.
walkendc 9y ago Grenades are not firey explosions. There's a lot of force, but no fire. It looks more like a tiny, short dust storm.
TimeTomorrow 9y ago anything remotely solid is bulletproof. Take cover behind this... folding table?
BabaOrly 9y ago What a silencer sounds like.
Siqqi 9y ago Edited 9y ago That shooting guns indoors without earplugs causes no injury.
CorathTheHung 9y ago Gratuitous gun-cocking.When freshly reloading and cocking, what is added as an extra Fuck you to the person getting their head blown off, there's always a CH CHK beforehand which would eject an unfired round, and feed a new one in.
Siqqi 9y ago Getting pushed back by the impact of a bullet.
 9y ago Edited 7y ago Vents being perfectly clean and a perfect way to sneak past guards
CrossFox42 9y ago Breaking a neck is as easy as turning someone's head really fast.
thefuryandthesound 9y ago As soon as a pregnant woman has a hint of a contraction the baby is all ready to be born. I called John at work. Не won't make it here in time. You have to deliver his baby!
JellyCream . 9y ago Edited 9y ago You can have a three bedroom apartment in new York or Los Angeles and be the only one living there on a part time waitress/waiter/barista wages and still have money left over to constantly go out.
santh91 9y ago I live in Kazakhstan and I don't even want to start


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