21 Experts Who Are Sick of Hollywood Winging It

Ugh, Hollywood doesn’t know anything about nuclear reactors
21 Experts Who Are Sick of Hollywood Winging It

Being an expert sounds hard. For one thing, you probably have a very stressful job. People are always looking to you to know important stuff. You probably underwent a long and expensive education or at least spent an equal number of sleepless nights reading Wikipedia. You probably have to deal with many, many people on Twitter arguing with you based on a paper they just Googled, that you probably wrote.

And at the end of the day, you can’t even sink into the couch and enjoy some mind-numbing narrative fluff, because every movie or TV show that brings up your profession knows less about it than the Twitter Googler and cares even less to rectify that. So when user SteveTenants asked r/AskReddit, “What film or show hilariously misinterprets something you have expertise in?,” the experts of Reddit were happy to show everyone the end of their rope.

therealswimshady 11y ago Every single show and movie that depicts somebody crawling through duct work and maintaining complete silence. I'm an HVAC engineer...
ThatChap 11y ago Every time someone gets DEFCON levels wrong, I get a little more angry. (I study terrorists)
HazardousWeather 11y ago Horseback riding. Can always tell the actors who have had little riding experience or are just plain uncomfortable around horses.
808breakdown 11y ago Knowing how to play an instrument makes it painfully obvious that the actor or extra has no idea what they're doing.
 11y ago Almost every ancient greek movie has roman style weapons and armor. Bothers me as somebody who loves Greco-Roman history.
fundip2012 11y ago Sailing a fully rigged tall ship with 2 people, not gunna happen captain Jack Sparrow
travisty1 11y ago Racing. You don't just shift gears and get a magic speed boost like in every movie with a car chase.
elephant_owl 11y ago I wouldn't say I have expertise (only basic medical training) and it isn't hilarious either because its quite a serious thing but the amount of tv shows and movies that absolutely butcher CPR is insane. So many things are done wrong like hand placement, number of compressions, number of breathes, beginning with the wrong 'action' first (starting with breaths on an adult or compressions with a child). I guess its difficult to accurately portray it but a bit of a better effort wouldn't go astray.
walkingcarpet23 11y ago Edited 11y ago Lord of the Rings with archery. You don't draw and hold for as long as they do with a recurve bow... Also the form most people use is horrible (I'm thinking of a few of the elves in Helm's Deep). Ironically that movie is what got me into archery in the first place, but thankfully I was taught properly early on.
 11y ago DNA evidence in movies. DNA is not easy to match unless it's from saliva, blood, or fecal matter. I did a case where a taxi driver was killed and his car was stolen. We found 500 DNA samples on the car's steering wheel - none of them his. Cops don't seem to fully understand this either.
Attorney_at_Aww 11y ago Being an attorney, especially a trial attorney. Witnesses never crumble on the witness stand. In fact, with how liberal discovery is now, there are few if any surprises at all. Moreover, very few civil cases ever go to court - maybe 1%. Most of the time, we are sitting in an office writing or researching to stay out of court.
SenseiT 11y ago Watching Megan Fox sitting on the motorcycle airbrushing upside down in Transformers 2 annoys me. You have no idea the prep work actually involved in custom paintwork.
Electro_Syphilis . 11y ago Edited 11y ago The way movies portray elevators, specially stunts on 'em it's just incredible. You cannot just cut the wire and the elevator will fall on the shaft. It has at least 3 safety measures that will prevent the elevator from falling, effectively locking it on the shaft.
finefinefine 11y ago Edited 11y ago almost every film or television show i've watched misrepresents psychotherapy in one way or another. usually around the parameters of dual relationships / confidentiality. they are also fixated on archaic psychoanalytic treatment techniques that are rarely used by most practitioners.
TheVoiceOfRiesen 11y ago As a firefighter: Movies don't accurately portray fire behavior. They don't show how little time you have to get out of the building. They don't show how hard it is to see. Turn off the lights, and put a blindfold over your eyes, it's that bad. Thermal layering: if you stood up in a burning building you'd cook like a pop tart. Plus you'd suffocate.
helodriver87 11y ago Helicopters (in general, but particularly crashes). The only time you will ever see a helicopter enter an uncontrollable spin is if the tail rotor takes massive damage or becomes mechanically disconnected from the transmission. Hell, sometimes that won't even do the trick. If you're flying fast enough with a low enough power demand, the tail may cause the aircraft to weathervane and remain somewhat straight. It happens, but only under very specific circumstances (think RPG to the tail, like in Black Hawk Down).
claymore506 . 11y ago Edited 11y ago Aviation. Almost all movies and television shows mess up aviation. Sorry, but F-22 fighter jets are not going to by flying at 100 feet above the ground and getting within 100 feet of the target. They fly at airliner altitudes and fire missiles from 20 miles away. UAVs and AC-130s do not do 'strafing runs' where they fly in, do one run, and fly away. They orbit their targets at 5000-15000 feet dropping ordnance on their targets until the targets no longer exist. In more of a civilian world, explosive decompression in movies
kayelledubya 11y ago So... I'm an archaeologist. I've also studied forensic anthropology. Nobody ever fucking gets either of those things right. Nobody in forensics or crime scene analysis carries a fucking gun, nor do they talk to victims, bad guys, etc. We get INTO the profession specifically to avoid talking to people. Jesus. Also, the shit that Indiana Jones has done for archaeology is kind of unforgivable. Well it would be if Harrison Ford wasn't such a babe. But honestly EVERYONE thinks I either dig up dinosaurs, find buried treasure, or grave rob in Egypt. Ffffffffff.
Country5 11y ago Any time people freak out when a nuclear reactor goes critical. You want your reactor critical.
crazykilla 11y ago I work in IT, and am also a big fan of NCIS. Every single time McGee has to trace an IP or back trace a hacking attempt, they always end up at the same IP.. ... Anyone who knows anything about networking gets a chuckle out of that.
ajp0002 11y ago Bald eagles overdubbed with red-tailed hawk calls. Sorry America, your national bird sounds super dorky in real life.


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