21 Wild and Crazy Stories from Babysitters

21 Wild and Crazy Stories from Babysitters

In the 1991 dark comedy Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, the babysitter obviously dies, forcing Christina Applegate to quickly come up with a plan to take care of her siblings until their mom returns from vacation. While most babysitters don’t die on the job, they are generally part of a lot of formative experiences — both in media depictions and real life. 

And according to these Redditors at least, such pivotal life experience is a two-way street. As babysitters, not only did they learn the ropes of what it’s like to have a job, but they also got some crazy stories out of it, too — like the one babysitter who witnessed a three-year-old urinate on a spider. 

Here, then, are some of the wildest things the babysitters of Reddit experienced on the job while the parents were away… 

CertifiedCinephile . 7y Kid threw an easy bake oven at me and then tried to lock me in a closet. ... 1.2k

Xeno87 . 8y The 6 year old daughter of a friend slapped my butt and called me Sweetie. Actually, i was kinda speechless, while my friend and his wife just laughed their asses off.

northsoutheastwest7 . 8y I nanny for a couple of boys so every day is an adventure. Once I walked into the basement where 2 of the boys and some of their friends were playing. As I rounded the corner the youngest boy is standing in his underwear with an exercise ball over his head, shouting the opening lines of the Lion King. The other kids were sitting in a circle around him. I just left. The youngest is a ton of fun. But he picks up things from his older brothers, inappropriate things (which is to be expected). But when ever

aMillee 8y I was babysitting two brothers. One was maybe 7 and the other about 3. I should mention that the dad was a contractor and he had a lot of random construction things in the backyard. The 7 year old picked up a dowel that was about 4 feet long and pretended to be a jedi with a double-bladed lightsaber. Не wound up smacking his brother in the face and the 3 year old was flung across the patio. The air that kid got was pretty impressive and I laughed, until I saw that the kid was actually hurt

puffalump21 8y So when I was 14 or 15, I babysat quite a bit for 2 families and nothing unusual ... then one day my grandmother called and asked if I could babysit overnight for her friend from work. Sure, no problem. She said I could bring a friend too...SWEET! Friend and I get dropped off at the house, Grandma's friend is a bit strange and her bf is a straight creeper. Right before they left, they said there was a cartoon all ready to go and after dinner, just press play for the kids (I honestly can't remember is

theknightinthetardis . 8y Whenever I babysat my cousin's kids, I brought over a Dragon Ball Z game that they liked playing at my house, and they lost their shit like they'd just won the lottery. My cousin and I were highly amused. ... 55

jesjes4444 . 8y Currently babysit 9 and 12 year old boys. They have a lot of energy (actually their just flat out nuts) and so there is constant rough-housing. One time, the 12 year old got a little cut on his leg and started bleeding. I went to look at it, but he flinched and pushed me away. Then he proceeded to wipe the blood off of his leg, streak it under each eye, and hiss at me. The pay is good. ... 630

Pat_Mustard2 8y You can chose to believe me or not... but i was a victim of circumstances. My friends where going out, but i was full of cold and didn't have the energy. I get a call from a neighbour asking if i could babysit that night. it was a no brainer really - just sit on the couch and watch TV. Its worth noting here that theis was when sky tv had not long come out in the UK, you could get channels from all over europe too and we didn't have it in our house so it was a good

thereelsuperman 8y When I was around 16, I babysat for a family friend while they went to a dinner party. 4 boys, ages 12 to 6 or so. The family were dogsitting a huge Rottweiler, and the youngest boy had a pet gerbil. An hour or so goes by and I've exhausted most of my ideas to keep the boys entertained, so I take them out front to play home run derby. After a few rounds, the oldest hits the ball over the house and into their backyard, so I send him to get it. Minutes pass and he doesn't

ozzylulu . 8y When I was 21 I was a nanny for a 4 year old girl. We had finished swimming at their country club and were in the locker room changing. As I was changing my top she looks at me and says my mom has those too. I asked her what does she have and she said breasts. I didn't say anything and just continued getting dressed. She paused for a second and then said except hers are really...long. I had to bite my cheek to keep from laughing. ... 553

zitronegelbsonne 8y babysit this funny-as-fuck british kid. her parents are the absolute coolest and always told me to feel free to bring friends over. one night, i brought over my boyfriend: a bearded dude with long hair and a fear of children. she told me she was scared of him. i went upstairs to put her sister to bed (before you guys say how mean i am for leaving her with someone she told me she was afraid of - itold her to join me and she refused!) flashforward ten minutes later and i'm back downstairs where i find her braiding his hair

mightysquirrell . 8y I was babysitting this kid and he takes me to the computer to show me his cool computer game. Turns out it was a free demo disc of a flight simulator game, and it just looped through a ~3 minute video of the game, and the kid had no idea he wasn't actually controlling the plane at all, haha. Dumb kid.

aeharvell 8y Last summer I babysat for my mom's friend from work. She had two boys. The youngest, about 10, chased be around the house with skeletons from his collection of dead animals because I wouldn't play with them. Side note, he said he found the animals already dead and cleaned the bones. I don't believe that he found them. ... 12

cali_lin . 8y One time the 4 year-old girl I was watching pulled me over to the hall closet, pointed to the crawl space and started crying. I kept asking her what was wrong and she said, Clara and Jenny are trapped down there. It's really cold and they've been there a long time. They want out! Needless to say I closed the door and never went into that closet again... ... 11

kaseballz . 8y was supposed to be babysitting my younger cousin, who was about 8 years old at the time, just made her lunch so I went upstairs to relax for a little bit, come downstairs not even 20 minutes later to see her trying to use knives to cut her cast off her arm ... 10

athennna . 8y Opening up the DVR menu on the TV to put on Thomas the Tank Engine for the boys, as suggested, and finding fuck my wife porn on the saved programs list. This was on the tv in the living room. I guess they figured since the kids couldn't read? Who watches pay per view porn on the tv anymore anyway?? ... 9

Ohmysmut 8y A few years ago, my mom used to sell brand new model homes and got me babysitting jobs for young couples with kids that would move in. I was babysitting this 5 year old boy who was really sweet at first. We were playing with his toys, then 9'o clock rolled around and it was bed time. Forgot to mention these are million dollar homes and this kid had the play room of your childhood dreams. So he wasn't ready to go to bed...I literally watched him turn from a little cherub to the fucking spawn of satan.

porcupinewino . 8y Walked in on seven year old kid and his friend holding each other's dicks and dancing in a circle. Told them to put their dicks away and wash up for dinner. ... 6

dumbolddoor . 8y Oy... so one time I was babysitting two girls down the street. They were maybe 8 and 10? I (f) was in my teens. Anyways, the girls wanted to play hide and seek but to make it interesting they wanted to be tied by (so they had to escape then search) - oh and blindfolded too. Sooo... I oblige.. After a couple of rounds of fun games.. the parents arrive home. Their daughter comes out of her room with her hands tied and blindfold on and I know how it looks. It looks weird. I never babysat for them

dinosnaur 8y A spider was crawling on the ground, so the three year old whipped out his penis and started peeing on it. ... 3.3k

A_Friendly_Robot . & 8y Baby sat two 6 year olds and one 10 year old. The two 6 year olds decided to see which one of them could pee the furthest. Normal I suppose for 6 year olds so I told them to go outside and do it on the bush if they had to... they did not do it on the bush. Every day I ponder how they managed to confuse the word bush with Neighbors Golden Retriever... ... 5
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