32 Awkward Moments That Left People Haunted by a Lifetime of Cringe

32 Awkward Moments That Left People Haunted by a Lifetime of Cringe

Cringe experiences will linger in the deepest recesses of your mind and haunt you for years to come. While some embarrassing experiences are probably ones that you alone continue to be fixated on, other situations are definitely remembered by the other people who witnessed them, too. Like the person who sneezed and accidentally rocketed snot into a girl’s mouth. That girl will remember that for the rest of her life. In fact, she probably has war flashbacks whenever someone around her has the sniffles. 

Anyway, a Redditor asked for people to weigh in with their unshakable, mortifying moments and Reddit truly delivered.  

TedFoley . 10y That would be a speech class in college when the one and only week when we would be videotaped, I began my demonstration speech by taking a big bite of a peanut butter sandwich; and, likely due to a combination of nerves, dry mouth, dry sandwich, and lack of rehearsal, was basically unable to swallow and spent half of my time limit choking on the sandwich. ... Ugh. ... 835

awkies11 . 10y I found my dad's porn stash and stole one of the VHS's around sixth grade....for learning and stuff. Anyway I dropped it on the hardwood floor and busted the flap off when I went to put it back. I placed it back in the closet anyway. It was gone the next day, and he looked at me funny at the dinner table the next night...I always cringe thinking about this. Edit: Forgot to mention, it was Butt Jammers 6 ... 1.2k

northerngood 10y When I was in high school I was sitting with me ex- girlfriend before class started. I was building a motorcycle in auto shop and brought a large chrome plated castle nut to school with me to finish attaching the wheel to the frame... Well we were goofing around and I thought it would be cute if i slid the lug nut onto her ring finger, then after the novelty wore off it quickly dawned upon me that this motherfucker wont slide off. The threads of the nut were tearing her skin every time we pulled, like a

NOah87 . 10y When I was 10 my dad had his co-workers over to our house with their families for a Christmas party. My mom was doing the whole hostess thing and had been stressed out. I went to use the bathroom in the middle of the party and it stunk something fierce. Being 10 and a social idiot I then walked out into the big room with the party going on and yelled while waving my hands in a smelly motion WHEWW, WHO MADE THE BATHROOM STINK so BAD?! My poor horrified and embarrassed mom's face when admitting it

rheabs 10y I went camping with some friends once and we ate some shrooms. At one point I had to go to the bathroom so I went to find the bathroom on the camp ground, did my business, and went back to our campsite. I grabbed a beer from the cooler and it was Bud Light and I thought that was weird because I don't drink Bud Light and neither do any of my friends, but I just wanted something cold in my mouth so I didn't care. I sat down at the fire and started drinking my beer and

 10y ... Walked in on my friend's dad jerking off 1.5k Reply

peanutbuttercookietx - 10y Middle school: we were asked to use single words on paper to describe ourselves. I looked up synonyms for 'weird', and got queer... Didn't know what that meant, but all of my classmates did. Couldn't convince anyone I was straight for the rest of my school days. Never got a date. ... 712

SNOL StrikingTime . 3y A coworker showed up late and and I jokingly said did someone die? And he said I was at my cousins funeral. Never in my life did I cringe so hard. ... 179

Isittheweekend . 3y I used to work at a coffee shop with this girl who was probably one of the most beautiful women ever. I remember she told me a joke and I said lol. out loud. with no actual laughter. Her face said everything and it was the most cringy shit I've ever done. Still makes me tense up when I think about it ... 147

SquilliamFancySon95 . . 3y I laughed way too hard about something in the middle of class and it honestly sounded like a shrieking donkey. The guy sitting next to me gave me the most disgusted, withering look and I could tell he was thinking, Why are you like this? It's been a decade and I still want to punch myself in the face whenever I think about it. ... 43

sgg93 . 3y On my first ever real date back when I was 17 I asked the girl if I could put my arm around her in the cinema, she laughed at me and I did it anyway then felt too awkward to pull my arm away for the full 90 minutes of the film. Didn't go down well and I still have no idea why I'd do that. ... 10

brandi0133 . 3y I was bartending and speaking with a regular about some story that basically ended with me saying it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye...then its hilarious not long after that another bartender discreetly mentioned to me this guy has a glass eye. Ooof ... 7

DrFoxMcCocks Зу When I was 19 at a house party, very intoxicated, kept making sarcastic alpha comments like these (arms) are registered weapons. Didn't know that my intoxication was blunting the sarcasm in my voice so I guess the whole night everyone thought I was being a real meathead. Then to top off the embarrassment this one kid took a comment I made seriously and asked to meet me outside, I thought he was going along with my sarcasm like when good friends rough house. Next thing I know he just starts punching me and broke my nose. When the

BeerNcheesePlz . 3y One time my professor asked someone to read out loud and be animated about it. We were reading a story that involved a horse and I did clanking sounds to imitate the horse running (it was on the page!) in a class room of 70 he told me to stop and had someone else continue on reading... НЕ SAID ANIMATED AND EXTRA CREDIT! ... 2

owenwxm . 8y Playing smells like teen spirit by nirvana in the school talent show On bass With no accompaniment. ... 3.3k

markartur1 10y This one happened last week: I saw a new guy at the office, walking to the exit just a few feet ahead of me, and he was using the same backpack i was, so i said hey, nice backpack and he turned around to me and said huh? and i repeated nice backpack while i took mine off to show to him it was the same. It wasn't. Not even close. ... 711

sprynklz . 10y I was a rather fat middle schooler on valentines day when they were handing out 'Candygrams' which were a piece of candy you could buy at lunch that would be delivered in homeroom to your significant other on valentines day. a low point in every year for me as a kid, never got anything, never expected anything. but in..7th grade or so the teacher handed me a candygram from the hottest, most popular girl in the class. it was a paragraph love letter. I could not believe it. I was elated.. until the teacher realized that it

razerqq . 10y I was in a drivethru and the cashier was holding out his fist so i gave him a fist bump.. he just stared at me for a few seconds before saying ...your change? ... 225

whistledick. 10y Mom decided she wanted to repaint my room in junior high. My bed was pushed against the wall, so it had to be moved away a little to paint. As she pulled the bed away, she discovered at least 100 crusty cum socks that I had forgotten about over the years that I had stuffed between the bed and the wall so she wouldn't find them. The look of disgust on her face still haunts me. ... 2.1k

SubtleSwag . 10y When I was younger I was obsessed with the Phantom of the Opera and decided to re-enact it, with my parents as the supporting actors. I made a mask out of a white paper plate, wore a cape, and tried to perform the musical numbers as my mom filmed. College was a strange time... ... 1.9k

TheDoctorandDipper 8y When I was in middle school I wrote a story and read it out loud to the class, It was an Edgar Allen Poe story and I killed all my classmates, broken beer bottles, skinning, eating eyeballs, decapitation via train, ripping out a heart Indiana Jones style, bashing in with rocks. Pretty sure everyone thought I'd shoot up the school, one friend still jokes saying that he always knew he'd be safe because he saved me from being beat up with lacrosse sticks. In freshmen year I was talking to a girl (crush on at the time, friends

tpyro88 . 8y When I was 12, I thought I'd run faster and look cool if I ran with both of my arms behind me (kind of like a dragon ball Z character or Sonic the hedgehog). stopped doing it when my gym teacher adviced me to stop running like an idiot in front of the whole class. ... 310

CompMolNeuro . . 8y I got caught by my mom, sister, brother, and best friends little sister trying to screw the vacuum cleaner. I was 13 and in 27 years have still never lived it down.

ghetto_panda. . 8y my mom caught me smoking copy paper joints filled with nothing ... 1.8k

dontfearme22 . . 8y Biked to school in a trenchcoat then whipped out my wooden cane and scarf and went about my day...Sophomore year was tough. ... 3.1k

TheFats216 . 8y I accidentally sent my mom text asking if we were more then friends d_ج ... 223

tazz6689 . 8y I put a poem in a cheerleaders locker in Jr high that I had a huge crush on. Can't really remember how I got it in there or what it said, but I do remember I rhymed something about a cheetah with ewwww fajita. Everyone knew about that fucking poem ... 3.8k

I_see_DeadDicks . 8y When I was 13, I thought somehow that my window blinds made me invisible. I decided if I turned them a certain way, I could see out, but nobody could see in. We lived in an apartment, and a family with some kids my age moved in next door. They were dorks, but they were the only other kids. One day the family was leaving to go somewhere, and I stood at my window with my blinds tilted to invisibility mode. I suddenly started doing this primal dance that involved vigorously flipping off the family and mooning them,

Pimpcool420 . 1y I had been with a long string of girls with small boobs, I got really used to saying size doesn't matter or I like them small or whatever. Then I met a girl with big boobs. She was trying to dirty- talk while she was on top of me, and she asked do you like those big titties? and I responded with a deadpan not really. Really killed the mood; laughing at myself didn't help. ... 195

Due_Woodpecker_8380 . 1y i had I double hip surgery and a few months after i had healed i was taking this guys virginity and i was on top. my hip popped out of place while i was on top of this man. ... 21

stryker511 . 1y Freshman year & new to town-l was 95lbs, pale freckle faced & read a lot of science fiction... Ordered a book from a school program titled 'How to Speak to Girls' Couple weeks later the books came in the mail & were handed out in homeroom, of course they had to say the title out loud... Who ordered How to Speak to Girls it was just the beginning of hell. ... 594

JoeyMaddox 1y I was a clumsy teenager, and not one of the popular kids. One time in the cafeteria as I was getting up my foot got caught around one of the metal legs of the chairs and I face planted. The general chorus of laughter in the surrounding ten feet or so began. Opting to save face and look like a badass all in one fell swoop, I quickly got up, turned towards the laughing people and yelled YEAH I'M A KLUTZ, so THE FUCK WHAT and in the middle of all this my foot caught in the legs
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