27 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of October 9, 2023

It’s his only option at this point
27 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of October 9, 2023

Ah, a week of grudges and old grievances. First, Martin Scorsese took a lesson in slang with his daughter Francesca on TikTok. In order to guide him in the right direction toward guessing what “slept on” meant, Francesca described his polarizing 1983 film The King of Comedy as being “slept on,” which sent the Oscar-winning director on a trip down memory lane, recalling when the film was dubbed the “flop of the year.” 

Then, after Chevy Chase appeared on an episode of WTF with Marc Maron last month and claimed that he left Community because it “wasn’t funny enough” — and ultimately, beneath him — former co-star Joel McHale fired back, telling PEOPLE that nothing was keeping the divisive SNL alum chained to the show and that the feelings of animosity were mutual.

In-between all of these grudges and grievances, we’ve thankfully had some comedy on the timeline to lighten the mood. This week’s funniest tweets include those about Ben Affleck in his natural state, a question for Faith Hill and a jester on the spectrum. 

HOME homeless @jillcOrd 1d ... my girl got a Garfield addiction i i just hope she don't odie 46 2,596 18.9K del 777K
iced pee @stupidtrashboy 1d why does this feel so scary 75 330 3,242 188K
messed up foods @messedu.... 2h ... Yeah you could say I have a porn addiction. MUG ROOT BEER @trashcanpaul An addiction to porn myself another glass of MUG Root Beer 60 2,196 18.8K 661K
COOL @BiohzZzRd.1 1d ... i was so high last night and thought this was the most beautiful picture i have ever taken XXX Wator açai blueberry pomegran flavored + other natural flavors 200% with three types of antioxidants e 50% antioxidant antioxidant selenium vitamin 40% antioxidant vitamin a beverage 654 7,357 125K 2.8M
Hot Take Appreciator @IHate... 17h ... The jester discourse is heating up were autistic? ? 27:41 The Untold History of Disabled Jesters 23 224 3,274 157K
gianmarco @GianmarcoSoresi - 3h ... IN Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are so fucked up it's honestly surprising their kids aren't better artists 10 55 789 26.3K
CHUCK INGLISH said it. @... . 21h ... Off the shrooms I woulda lost it. Science girl @gunsnros... • 21h An alpaca walks into a restaurant in Hangzhou. No idea why... 4 130 3,179 38.3K 2.8M
timothy faust @crulge 15h When I was 13 I sincerely thought that Sandstorm was universally regarded as the best song in the world. I was factually incorrect but, in retrospect, aesthetically unimpeachable 14 64 783 39.7K
BASED SAVAGE @crackcob... 16h ... At this point Will gotta play Diddy in the biopic killing Tupac n Daily Loud @DailyLoud•17h Jada Pinkett Smith calls Tupac Shakur her Soulmate 229 5,463 44.7K 4.1M
boy what? @Abstrvct. 3d not a single thought behind those eyes. just mmmmmm dunk. @_TonyHilfiger 1/24/22 ain neva seen no thick ass bologna sandwich like this. boy used the whole pack 69 544 36.3K
benjamjn @kylie_gender . 3d He's making a little rat noise like skktsktkskktkskt POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.4 4d Ashley Tisdale reunites with 'Suite Life of Zack & Cody' costar Dylan Sprouse in newly shared photo. 24 889 24.3K 1.3M
Pissed Pissedofferson @femmebot2000.3d imagine SJP having to walk past this SKIMS FEAT. KIM CATTRALL PAR 18 701 12.7K 692K
lexaprofessional @queasy_f_bby· 3d ... When i was 12 my friends snitch mom called my mom and told her my MySpace default picture was suggestive and it was this picture 157 717 36.7K 1.5M
horse dentist @equine_dentist. 1d imagine watching the court jester do a little jig from here 11 242 2,560 73.8K
no context memes @weirddalle.2d ratfucker This is the very beginning of your legendary conversation with ratfucker. October 21, 2020 ratfucker Today at 2:29 PM are you a rat 321 6,309 101K 3.1M
LilPhridgeMane @Twinkplug 1d me when anything midly inconveniences me I'm going to kill myself tomorrow. 164 54.2K 1 1,497
Brandy Jensen @BrandyLJensen 20h the suits universe do you mean new york Pop Base @PopBase.22h A new show set in the 'Suits' universe is in the works, Deadline reports. 113 2,726 3.2M 64.7K
Rob Milton @therobmilton18h -couldn't tell me I wasn't an IT professional. Feelings a) @iHad2GoGetit. 2d I belong to this era 15 2,267 9,772 473K
mother bored @aliengrl33 . 16h ... me in a big tee shirt using my iphone as a flashlight in the middle of the night 8 1,796 17.3K 405K
Brooklyn @bklynb4by· 10h zelda: Shail @dawgpleasee-37m twink ... save me.. 1 3 Shail @dawgpleasee.6 6h twink 2 1 Shail @dawgpleasee.12h save me twink 6 3 700 15 5,393 156K
oatmeal influencer @acechhh . 17h faith hill: r/driving Join u/LivingPrevious e 8h Is it okay to feel a lot of centrifugal force? 3 228 1,518 63.9K
internet hall of fame @Inte... 23h ... today Hi Boss 14:50 Yes? 14:51 JI I'm pregnant... 14.51 ?? 14:51 So... 14:51 I would need a few days leave now... 14:52 To discuss this with my boyfriend 14:52 Please approve my leave 14:53 PLEASE FIRST DISCUSS THIS WITH MY WIFE!! SHE READ YOUR FIRST COUPLE OF MESSAGES.. AND WHY CAN'T YOU TYPE ALL THIS IN ONE MESSAGE??? 14:55 J 659 12.1K 236K 13.3M
ian @itsianraymond 1 18h this is actually so cunt ORION SML-MED COSTUMES MED-LGE Now Playing Monester - Feiture includes dress Adult Portable Media Player Dress - Orange (ref: 76888) 35 1,495 24K 596K
glick cage @prodbyrott.12h you crazy af buying Five Guys from doordash might as well buy a Hellcat 15 530 2,600 del 65.4K
emilio @emilio_oilime 16h ... see you in court i i get to see you? 3 306 4,057 du 61K
jolene of arc @okaypompeii- 12h ... just when I needed him the most... new pics of Ben Affleck struggling with the unbearable weight of being alive while on a Dunkin run just dropped 14 722 5,264 132K
kira @kirawontmiss.2 20h LMFAOOO thinking abt the time my sister was fighting W her cheating bf and told him naruto would hate you and he cried 413 9,539 150K 4.9M
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