19 of the Funniest Tweets from October 12, 2023

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19 of the Funniest Tweets from October 12, 2023

A trip to the $5 DVD bin at your local Best Buy will soon be a thing of the past. The big-box electronics store is reportedly set to phase out Blu-ray, DVD and 4K Ultra HD sales in-store and online. Unfortunately, this means no more of the most incredibly unhinged double features ever put on a single disc. Such news is also a blow for those who still value the tactile nature of a box set, but is unsurprising, as streaming services have increasingly eradicated physical media

Interestingly, the looming DVD suspension at Best Buy comes just a few months after Marvel and Disney announced that they would be releasing a collector’s edition of their series WandaVisioncomplete with a gorgeous steelbook and collectible art. In fact, the only thing the set doesn’t include? Actual discs.  

Pivoting away from physical media sales isn’t the only questionable decision the studios have made recently. Negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP have come to a screeching halt after the alliance representing the studios and streamers presented the actors with an offer that was “shockingly” low. As the stalemate continues, actors will remain on the picket lines as the union continues to fight for a two percent share of streaming revenue and protections against A.I. 

Thankfully, the weekend is almost here, and we’ve got a new batch of funny tweets to hold us over. Today’s batch include those about the kitchen appliance that demands privacy, the never-ending cycle that is refilling the Brita pitcher and what it takes to know how to cook. 

jackson @placed_onto 18h ... oven has a Window, microwave too , you can see All the way through a blender , but the Dish washer, oh No you could Never see in there, they Refuse to let us See what's going on in there 18 820 8,029 162K
tanya @Tanya_Sabrinaaa 21h CARD YCYDEN since we can't use plastic straws anymore i've just been choking turtles with my bare hands 41 1,227 10.9K 323K
суп @_cyyndaquil.23h Holy smokes @illegalc1v @illegalc1v.2d never sending a white boy a picture of my ass ever again :3 holy smokes lol ur butts so fat i'm gonna kill myself Subject iMessage 92 3,273 52.8K 2.4M
Kevin Burke @Ke7inBurke. 2h Don't forget to count your blessings today! So far mine is 0 but I am keeping count 1 13 71 1,746
roro, PhD @fuglibetty 12h ... (girl who just turned 24 voice) i just think your early 20s are for making mistakes & being a bit crazy. and your mid-20s are where you start getting it all together 17 881 9,430 del 303K
yasmin @ycsm1n 9 9h ... this is like the treaty of versailles for stan twitter Pop Base @PopBase. 10h Beyoncé attends Taylor Swift's Eras Tour movie premiere. TA SWIFT T TOUR LY IN THEATERS CTOBER 13 VAL KETS AVAILABLE NOW 14 25 2,312 22.1K 952K
jár @jarodzsz 22h ... Tying his fucking eyes together. The cruelty 1 145 2,622 80.6K
italian stallion @hotPONTIFEX - 7h ... filling up the brita pitcher again 3 163 1,992 61.5K
i condemn jarlic @mybadifarded 18h ... Any non binary baddies I can give this to? team 55.99 XL They 86 1,978 22.7K 537K
yehurme @Youhappentohear- 20h Me blackout drunk at the McDonalds self service kiosk at 4:87 AM HUGE WIN CRYSTELSCAR DOLL'S the DOLL STACKET - جيم TUKO KIRE the and DOLL AM NET 01.194.48 animal 15 9,075 518K 755
oatmeal influencer @acechhh.4h first of all it would be an honour to date rizzo stoned cold fox @roastmalone_ 2d every heartbreakingly beautiful girl who deserves the world is dating a guy who looks like this PETE'S 3 248 1,471 81.6K
@northstardoll. 18h love bombing wouldn't work on me. i would just be like thank u this is exactly the appropriate amount of love. Ramp it up actually 28 6,696 36.5K del 1.1M
beyoncé fanpage @FILMCHANI - 14h ... beyhive and swifties rn THIS is OuR Get-Along Tshirt 9 795 9,560 210K
dopce @chromesandwich - 1d ... Check it out I made superman do 9/11 lol that's great man Share Bing Image Creator + ... kittens having a cookout 55 1,369 15.4K 519K
aria @vampsverse 1d ... me applying to harvard with 72 absences, a 1.5 GPA, no extra curriculars, and money my dad slid under the table to get me in Gracie Abrams Updates @GracieAbrUpd... . 1d Gracie's confirmed submissions for the 2024 GRAMMY's : Best New Artist Good Riddance (Deluxe) - AOTY, Pop Vocal Album Know It Won't Work-ROTY, SOTY, Pop Solo Performance Where Do We Go Now-Music Video The Recording Academy's GRAMMY Award 96 2,053 39K 3M
leon @skyferrori 21h WHO WENT THROUGH MORE Pearl 100% Jesus 0% 50 3,454 26K 652K
... @gunzfromvaloran - 1d Gunz stood too close to the scanner ffs NCR NSAI 1 item DUNNES STORES MONSTER PIPE €5.10 MONSTER PIPE Please scan next item. a Search Key In Code National 0.000 kg Total OF - brien - you - Ley €5.1 82.7K 2,384 208 2
в @DontWorryBoutB 20h ... i i suck at parenting bc I asked my son does he curse & he said yeah but not around grown ups bc that's disrespectful. and I was like aight I guess that makes sense... 665 9,698 162K 7.2M
Andy Masley @AndyMasley 22h ... Used to think knowing how to cook meant having a massive set of built-up intuitions for how complex flavors pair well or how to get just the right consistency and texture in food but it turns out when people say that they mean the ability to read 175 638 10.7K 405K
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