22 Hilariously Bad Pieces of Advice

Sure, grandma, let’s get you to bed
22 Hilariously Bad Pieces of Advice

As a general rule of thumb, you should always follow your own advice before offering up that same guidance to others. Unfortunately, we’re not too sure that was the case with the words of alleged wisdom these Redditors were given — except for the driving tip from grandma; we believe she was really putting the pedal to the metal. 

Nevertheless, here’s some sound advice from us to you: Don’t take any of the following advice. Sit back and laugh at it instead.

mixedbeansss. . 8y When I first got my drivers license my grandma told me driving is like playing dodgeball, hit them before they hit you. ... 2.7k
DRW0813 . 8y Dude, if you stare at her then she'll pick up the signals and totally want to date you -my best friend in 6th grade. Hint: staring creepily at girls during lunch will not impress them. ... 2.1k
igrowpeople . . 8y Married lady insisted that if I don't stalk my husband and constantly question where he's been and who he was with that he'll know I don't care enough and definitely cheat on me. ... 2.6k
BattleOfWitsHasBegun  8y High school guidance counselor told me, in complete seriousness, I shouldn't go to a college out of state because That's most likely where you'll meet your husband, and then you'll have to live there because he's probably from there. And you don't want to spend your life out of state, right? ... 1.2k
lukin187250 8y I once had a coworker tell me about a great diet principle that really the most important factor is the weight of the food. So she was telling me, for instance, you can eat all the cotton candy you want because cotton candy weighs virtually nothing. ... 1.4k
jammonit • 8y While trying on shoes the salesperson told me it's better to shop for shoes early in the day, before your feet have swollen a bit from walking so you can fit into a smaller size. Uhhh no. That is not how it works. Instead of just walking away I explained to her that I wouldn't want to buy shoes I couldn't comfortably walk around in. I like to think I helped her become a little better at her job. ... 1.1k
JMLOddity . 8y In high school I had a lot of health issues, one of which was migraines that included visual auras that obstructed my vision. The school nurse was one of those holistic nuts and told me to stop taking my prescription medications because I was too young and to start putting peppermint drops on my eyes. ... 402
VanillaChocolateKiss . 8y If you hear gunshots, run towards them not away from them, my sister gave me this advice when I was 9. ... 85
HANDS-DOWN . 8y Shave your face in front of other people with no foam to show them how tough you are ... 460
ceetee32 . 8y Guy broke up with me a couple of years ago and gave no real explanation 'You should just drive to his house and confront him, I bet he secretly wants you to, just show up' Definitely didn't do that. ... 394
pineappledetective . . 8y My cousin had a saying that, in all seriousness, he believed was the way to attract women: When in doubt, whip it out. Не is not the smartest person I've ever met. ... 40
closecall6661 . . 8y While I was heavily pregnant a woman in a shopping mall food court stopped dead in her tracks, watched me eat my chicken stir fry for a good five minutes, walked up to me and said You know.... Pregnant woman shouldn't eat chicken. It's too much protein and that's bad for your baby.
ClockwOrk . . 8y Went to a 'licensed therapist' (read: not a doctor) and was told: Just don't think about it. Live in the present. ...for dealing with depression.
theian01 . 8y Probably this: Stop sweating. Yeah, let me just do that. ... 5
Elite_Bagels . 8y My grandma told my sister to get a disability so she doesn't have to work, then get a man when you want a new pair of jeans. ... 2
bananapeel • . 8y I had a co-worker tell me I needed to start flipping houses. In 2006. ... 2
alexalex9999 . 8y If you pretend to like everything your crush likes, they will definitely like you back. Got caught in the act of not knowing shit about a show I was pretending to like. Did not turn out well. ... 2
Springheeljac . 8y Don't go to college, get a factory job. My grandpa. ... 404
 8y ... High school being the best years of my life and therefore I should be enjoying it. The idea that high school was meant to be the best years of my life is the most compelling argument I can imagine to drink bleach.
 8y ... Take all 8 AM classes when you start college. After experiencing this firsthand I am convinced that person was trying to make my life horrible. 2.4k Reply
 8y ... Was told that i could drink a glass of bleach to pass a drug test, he even said he did it once and passed flawlessly. 1.2k Reply
pmterrier . . 8y My grandma told me to lie down while my nose was bleeding once. I ended up having a 7-hour nosebleed and going to the hospital, and also ended up vomiting black blood all over myself while at said hospital. Thanks, grandma! ... 1
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