20 of the Funniest Tweets from October 3, 2023

Oh… a twin
20 of the Funniest Tweets from October 3, 2023

While most tenants would move out of a building constantly plagued with murders, that’s not the case for viewers of Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building. In conjunction with the release of the Season Three finale, the streamer announced that viewers can renew their lease to The Arconia as the show’s amateur sleuths will return for a fourth season. Hulu’s most-watched original comedy to date has attracted top talent like Nathan Lane, Paul Rudd and Meryl Streep, so eyes are peeled to see who will be walking into the Upper West Side apartment complex once the SAG strike is resolved.

Meanwhile, over on network TV, another murder is afoot: that of Jimmy Fallon’s integrity. The comedian-turned-late-night-host-turned-podcaster is back to his usual gig on The Tonight Show and has completely sidestepped the opportunity to address allegations in Rolling Stone about the toxic workplace he’s supposedly fostered. He did address Tonight Show staffers during a closed-door meeting after the story initially broke a few weeks ago, but he declined to publicly address the claims when the show returned to the airwaves last night. 

Amidst all of this TV news, the timeline has been killing it with the jokes. Today’s funny tweets include those about a Letterboxd user’s beef with Jared Leto, the unrivaled feeling of being called darling and the definitely real and accurate reason why airlines load their planes front to back.

maia @mxmtoon . 1 1d call my depressive episode a momentary lapse of swag 26 5,457 23.9K del 756K
Adam Sternbergh @sternbergh 1 1 1d ... the first 11 words in no way prepare you for the next 11 words A The Atavist Magazine @ata... 1d The Copper Kettle sold the best fudge on the Jersey Shore-and after its owner's body was found stuffed in a car, his murder went unsolved for decades. Things change, though. Е... 22 251 1,913 250K
martha @mxmsworld 1d Random. I was out with my girls this summer and there was a stage, the performers were doing some cool things and I was like 'wow, look at that' to my shorter friend. And she was like, 'oh I can't see'. So I bent down to see what her view was and I was mortified. BACKS? 209 3,819 27K 1.5M
ZZZ Owl! at the Library @Ske... 1d ... my freshman year of high school, the star football player died in a tragic accident and I kept seeing his ghost around campus and the ghost would say hello to me, and not until years later did I learn he had a twin brother 88 3,943 79.5K 2.2M
tatyana @heluvstat. 1d ... third base is when i have a mental breakdown in front of u 4,344 20 18K 712K
Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio - 3h ... pirating is reportedly free and will remain free JD Dexerto @Dexerto.3 3h Netflix is reportedly raising subscription prices again soon NETFLIX 223 8,683 93.4K 3.1M
,Comrade the American2 @US... 20h ... Yeah I have a pile of lumber in my bedroom...... sike it's my dresser. Lol l fooled you I Love Woodworking ... X Suggested for you Poster based in Singapore 6d This is a cleverly deceptive dresser! 7.2K 591 comments 2K shares 32 173 4,412 71.9K
Commie Rae Jepsen @Eizenclown 6h The witch from Hansel and Gretel: Fuck yea I'm gonna bake ur ass at 350 8:57 PM 10 267 1,920 61.4K
@buffys 22h ... Fight Club 1999 CLUB Rewatched by regiinas 03 Nov 2021 I just love to see how they disfigure Jared Leto's face Like review Girl, Interrupted 1999 1/2 Watched by regiinas 03 Nov 2021 SZEL I just love the thought of Jared Leto dying in war Like review American Psycho 2000 Watched by regiinas 03 Nov 2021 I just love the fact that Jared Leto is brutally murdered AMERICAN PSYCHO Like review 28 1,060 9,920 255K
yasmin @ycsm1n 18h how i feel after an old lady calls me darling 22 6,315 44.9K 987K
kelsie @iPad_Latino. 1 12h ... Do you think the donner party started looking at each other and seeing giant roast turkeys like in the cartoons? Terrible tragedy though. shout out to them. 5 326 2,427 89.6K
cameron @mother_cuntress.8h This needs be airbrushed onto the side of a fairground ride IMMEDIATELY. tommy @tommyfication20h wait why did bing ai eat this so severely... 3 268 3,660 138K
snakel3t @snakel3t. 1d When someone says a girl is full of herself I just know she's simply a beautiful charming woman acting normal & they're mad about it 42 6,029 26.6K 703K
images that go hard @iconicposts_ 6h ... +1 WNBA kes® - the panier para Adjustable height Hauteur régioble ¡Atura ajustable - - I - home donas ZNM TotSports™ Easy Score Basketball Set Grand Panier de Basketball B Juego de Basket Fácil de Encestar 13 320 3,915 212K
iya @haizediary 14h every tongue that rises against taylor swift shall fall Giants vs Seahawks NFL Today Final ny 3 - 24 Seattle Seahawks New York Giants (1 - 3) (3 - 1) Team 1 2 3 4 T New York Giants 0 7 3 7 0 3 0 Seattle Seahawks 7 3 24 Julio Rodriguez Fan Club @JRodFanClub . 19h 199 pepsi The entire MetLife stadium just ADVENTURE TOGETHER. booed a Taylor Swift advertisement 0:07 15 561 9,153 637K
user @user84829272.20h ... My kid accidentally reset the recording of our daughters heartbeat so now we have a teddy bear that sings the Burger King whopper whopper song when you press the belly 23 335 10K 286K
laylo @layloqasim 22h ... Honestly Dr.Doofenshmirtz not recognizing perry without the hat makes so much sense cause what random platypus would be wearing a hat?? only Perry the platypus would wear a hat, otherwise it's just some random platypus?? U know what I mean? 181 10K 121K 3.3M
David Mack @davidmackau.4 4h ... at what point do you just move buildings FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpd... 4h 'ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING' has been renewed for season 4. A hulu ORIGINAL ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING EVERY BODY HAS A SECRET 101 663 15.2K 883K
latke @latkedelrey 18h because it'll give the plane a UTI stoned cold fox @roastm... 23h can someone please explain why we don't load planes back to front 52 1,542 16.9K del 1.1M
shrimp @shrimp_delight. 6h ... My neighbours are back with their annual giant skeleton MATTEL B rboo 33 1,510 14K 1.2M
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