23 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of September 25, 2023

Tupac jokes get a second life
23 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of September 25, 2023

It’s been a chaotic week, to say the least: a strike ending, a few notable people dying and a cold case heating up. Earlier in the week, the WGA and AMPTP ended their months-long labor impasse with contract revisions and additions heavily favoring the writers. In fact, the striking actors are hoping to use this agreement as leverage in their own negotiations. Meanwhile, an aging politician has passed, and before you ask, no, it wasn’t Henry Kissinger. At the age of 90, California Senator Dianne Feinstein’s passing in office made her the longest-serving female senator in history. She served so long, in fact, that she voted on legislation within the 24 hours leading up to her death. And in Las Vegas, local police announced an arrest in connection to the 1996 murder of rapper Tupac Shakur. Although many continue to debate whether or not the rapper is still alive, the man who is believed to be “the shot caller” who organized the hit will appear in court in the coming days to determine his custody status and to receive a trial date.

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While all this chaos was brewing, so were the funny tweets on the timeline, including those about some forbidden food, the evolution of the podcast and two roads that diverged in a Balkan teenager’s life...

VEIN @SO0u00 14h when people said the word gooning thought they meant this I'm ngl Microplastics Explorer @DiabolicalSpuds.2d My dude is absolutely henchman-maxxing TikTok @_vovavintage 36K 101 3,399 913K
Jules Suzdaltsev @jules_su 3h POLITICS Sen. Dianne Feinstein says she won't run for reelection in 2024 February 14, 2023 . 6:09 PM ET By Dustin Jones 31 40 1,241 29.8K
Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio - 1h who the hell is asking him about this @PopBase. 1h Pop Base Donald Trump weighs in on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship in new interview with The Daily Caller: I wish the best for both of them. hope they enjoy their life, maybe together, maybe not-most likely not. 100 40 571 17K 502K
ettingermentum @ettingermentum . 5h 90. she was a fucking kid. 43 802 18.2K 544K
Molly @FSUmollz. 6d Outside the bar at 3am looking at the guy holding a pack of Marlboro Lights gettyimages Credit: CBS Photo Archive 81156287 82 36.8K 2,758 3.4M
joyci unemployci @joyci_schecter . 6d ... if nyu has a 5% acceptance rate why does literally everyone go there and many of them are very very dumb 150 2,480 47.8K del 1.7M
#UnwhitewashTBB I Elvar Truther, Bell's Bestie 6d ... I can't stop thinking about this. Не should've been at the club duelofthefatesmp3 Follow 17h ago finding out Anakin was 23 years old when he became Vader was so crazy to me. he should've been at the club 13.9K notes 86 11.5K 70.6K 1.5M
slayworldalbania @slayworldalby - 5d sme yeat @yeat1_ at starbucks the guy said if u dont finish ur cofee they make u wear a dress and suck all the employres boners...WTF... 6:02 PM 2021-05-06 Twitter for Android 208 Retweets 20 Quote Tweets 1,573 Likes yeat @yeat1_ .2021-05-06 ... Replying to @yeat1_ i ordred extra rxtra large 9 612 5,590 136K
angel delight @ghoulhag. 4d the appeal of the interview with the vampire series is that you have 2 actors on the same level of devotion to their roles instead of one of them acting like he was born to play lestat and the other being brad pitt worried he'd look too gay if he tried 22 1,770 13.4K 4.3M
The Sigma Female @The_sigma_fem 4d I demand youtube take down this video immediately BEFORE AFTER 12:34 How To Stop Your Butt Sticking Out JP Fitness 249K views 1 year ago 607 5,784 130K 6.4M
i dont have a name @de4dname.3 3d ... 1 photographers 2 graphic designers 3 baristas 4 musicians 5 fashion boys STAR Daily Star @dailystar 7/1/17 Five things that should NEVER go near your vagina bit.ly/2t25KPz
Mars @marsnowserve 3d Thinking of her today megan @littlestwayne never doing karaoke with a gay again we did a song from a star is born and i had to be bradley cooper - Gaga Daily @gagadaily.3d 5 years ago today, Lady Gaga released her biggest hit to date, Shallow with Bradley Cooper. 1:02 15 991 9,750 476K
stuffy @glossmini 2d this is probably gonna sound stupid as fuck but is this real... bc i had no idea kids wore tshirts in the 1950s All The Right Movies All The Right Movies @ATRightMovies 6d ROBERT DE NIRO aged 7 years old in 1950. EVICES 143 3,150 81.3K 4M
SRM (Standard Reference Margot) @sickfootfour • 1d ... To Pagna this man decided to abbreviate Central Park in the most deranged way possible Grindr now Str8 4TS: Sooo jealous. Looking at CP from my office haha 26 142 5,258 112K
Max @ImSmilingRn . 3d white people dont say what am i chopped liver anymore they say yall really dont fw me 16 970 10.9K 357K
jovarca broz @jovarca1000000-3d smegmafactoryy ... 23h ago O ig On her 16th birthday every Balkan girl has to choose one these two vibes and stick with them for the rest of her life 11 654 5,909 197K
Ashwin Rodrigues @shwinyo 1d ... Podcast ads 10 years ago: Dear listener, everything is pretty good. A sock and underwear subscription, and you'll be complete. Also you can buy mattresses online now! Neat! Today: Turns out gambling is your only chance to make it. Try computer therapy in the meantime. Gambling. 42 1,143 12.2K 483K
jackson @placed_onto 1d ... i i can't say i've ever bird Watched but i've Stolen a glance or two when the moment Allowed for it 7 2,441 18.1K 487K
دد Rich دد @RequiemRich· 19h The Illegal U-Turn shaboing boing is crazyyyyy @TheHumbleMonk . 19h Fatboy Monk I brought the artillery twitter.com/rashadstark/st... KLIM
Trill Jackson @Im_On1.23h My half black coworker said he never been with a black woman before n my white coworker tapped him on the back talkn bout good job damn HR gone have a busy day tomorrow 210 5,258 42.9K 1.4M
nydia @idciycontagious - 1 14h ... we been texting four days n hes SOOOOO me НА НА ? happy four day anniversary baby Reply Copy Translate A x More... 164 52.7K 4,424 1.5M
messed up foods @messedupfoods.5h ... mike wazowskiwi 133 34.8K 2,807 del 1.1M
Chapin @Chapinc 4h Pop Crave POP CRAVE @PopCrave Peppa Pig has a big surprise to be announced tomorrow. AP The Associated Press @AP. 4h BREAKING: Las Vegas police have made an arrest in the 1996 drive-by shooting of hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur, AP sources say. 30 2,159 13.3K 793K
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