21 of the Most Bizarre Things People Ordered at Restaurants

What exactly was she going to drink?
21 of the Most Bizarre Things People Ordered at Restaurants

If you think the House Bunny scene where Shelley requests “one Mahi” instead of Mahi-Mahi is far-fetched, then you haven’t spent much time in a restaurant. Much like airports, restaurants are lawless places where logic and reason go to die. Despite dining out being a well-established practice, there’s always someone who acts like it’s their first time — both speaking to another human being and choosing something to eat. 

To that end, here are 23 times people ordered at a restaurant and made their server wonder, “What is wrong with you?”

benrbls. 10y I once had a lady who claimed to be on a diet order a plate of nachos (the kind with everything from chili, cheese and japalenos to lettuce and tomato) with no chips. ... Reply 14
SaphiraArach . 10y Server 6oz. sirloin well done and Pittsburgh style (burnt black outer crust).. he then sent the steak back to be cooked more.. twice... By the time it went back out, it was hard as a rock and absolutely foul looking. The manager really didn't want to send that steak to a table. But the customer loved it... We all like our steaks differently, but the staff as a whole was disgusted by that one. ... Reply 2
16661 . 4y someone once asked me to microwave their fruit smoothie because they didn't like cold foods. i worked at an ice cream shop. ... 96
Dpg2304 4y A Mom and young son (maybe 8?) came in to the restaurant I waited tables at for lunch. The Mom asked her son what he wanted to eat, and he replied with ranch. politely asked if he meant, like, a salad with ranch? Or French fries with a side of ranch? The Mom looked at me, rolled her eyes in embarrassment, and clarified-he wanted a soup bowl full of ranch dressing... I walked into the kitchen and discussed with my manager, because I had no idea how to enter that into our POS system. My manager and I
The_original_guy - . 4y I used to work at an Italian restaurant similar to Olive Garden. I had a lady once order a Penne With Chicken and Broccoli... a tasty dish to be sure, but the lady requested that we make it with spaghetti pasta instead of penne because she is allergic to penne. Not sure how exactly you're allergic to a specific shape of pasta... we'd gladly do the substitute even if she wasn't allergic. ... 1.3k
wotuwantm8 . 7y Three Years A Gorgonzola salad with marinara instead of the usual balsamic vinagarette. ... Reply 13
-eDgAR- - 91d I used to work at a Japanese restaurant and I once had someone come up to me and ask me if we had any low sodium soy sauce. The request itself was not so strange and I gave him the bottle we kept behind the counter. The strange thing was what he used the soy sauce for, which was pouring some of it into his Pepsi. ... Reply 5.4k
MSHinerb . 9 91d I once heard a guy in front of me order a sandwich that was entirely extra mayo, extra pickles no meat, no cheese, nothing else. Mayo. Pickles. ... Reply 424
52codfee . 91d Someone once asked me can I have a Teriyaki chicken without chicken? A few moments later, I figured out he was asking for Teriyaki sauce... ... Reply 103
Mr_TigerZ. 91d I work at Dominos. Asked a guy if he wanted any toppings on his pizza, and he 100% seriously asked me do you guys have coconut? ... Reply 1.2k
Strasshole13 . 91d I once had a lady ask for chicken medium rare. I told her we can't do that and she responded with, But they do it at other restaurants for me. I promptly told her to go to other restaurants then. I ain't catching that lawsuit. ... Reply 1.1k
dystopiapro . . 91d Former cook: had someone order a quesadilla without the cheese one time. I thought that was pretty funny. ... Reply 2k
rainysunbun . 91d Guy came in with a large group, must've had a recent surgery or something cause he asked for his meal to be blended. Не ordered a lasagna... .. Reply 2.1k
wooldoor2 . 91d can I have the chicken salad please, but instead of corn I want peppers, instead of raisins, dates, and instead of pineapple, apple. Ah, and no chicken, thank you! ... Reply 3.6k
himechans 91d i used to work at olive garden. there was a lady that would come in at least once a week and she was dubbed by us staff as pepperoncini lady. she would want you to open a new bag of the pepperoncini's we used in the salads and pour out the juice in a cup, she would literally straight up drink the juice. she would also get a bowl of pepperoncinis and just eat them. ... Reply 3.5k
janeusmaximus . 91d Flava Flav came in to the restaurant I worked at. It was a fancy seafood place. Не ordered just a plate of cucumbers for himself, everyone else at his table ordered normal things. I'm guessing he maybe doesn't like seafood? Hilarious. Yes, he wore a giant clock chain and he let the staff take pics with him as he said Flava Flav! Really nice guy. ... Reply 2k
rohothemadlad . 91d A middle aged lady insisted she didn't like soda water or sparkling water so instead asked for a white wine spritzer without the white wine... there are two ingredients to a white wine spritzer. White wine and soda water. ... Reply 6.3k
shadowgnome396 91d Once a very thin, middle aged woman came in. She couldn't have weighed more than 100 pounds soaking wet. She asked what our biggest steak was. I told her it was the 24 oz. ribeye. She said, okay I'll have that. Our steaks came with two sides, so I asked which ones she'd like. She said I don't want sides. I told her they were included in the price, and she still refused them. I bring out her steak and she begins eating. She's about a third of the way through when I ask, How is everything? She
Madbait1 . 9y I was taking the breakfast order from a couple staying at the hotel, The lady ordered a full English breakfast and I asked how she would like her eggs, her reply  fertilised she then scowled at her husband, I backed away and ordered her fried eggs ... 2k
Baking_lemons . 2 278d I have a guy who comes in and asks me to lick his glass rim before I make his drink. Effin weird. But worth the $100 imo. :) ... Reply 218
Xiegfried16 . 91d When I was cooking in the military, someone requested a BLT sandwich but with no Bacon or Tomato. Не wasnt kidding, he just wanted bread and lettuce. ... Reply 1.4k
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