19 of the Funniest Tweets from September 5, 2023

19 of the Funniest Tweets from September 5, 2023

In a unanimous decision, the SAG-AFTRA National Board has asked its members to vote for an interactive media strike, meaning video game actors may soon be joining the picket lines, too. The seldom-seen performers are looking to negotiate wage increases and seek protection amid growing concerns about A.I. If progress toward a resolution continues to stall, they could begin a work stoppage by the end of September. 

Somehow though, the most buzzworthy topic in video game news today came from our friends across the pond. Ahead of the hotly anticipated Spider-Man 2 due out next month on PS5, the PlayStation U.K. Twitter account tweeted a pre-order link for the Collector’s Edition of the game. Accompanying the link, they wrote, “Treat yourself to 19-inches of Venom and more with the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Collector's Edition.” Such phrasing naturally led to numerous wide-eyed reactions. But “19 inches of Venom” is actually referring to a statuette of the potty-mouthed alien symbiote that comes with the Collector’s Edition. That said, if you were expecting something else, it’s probably only a Google search away.

Stepping away from the controller to look at the timeline, the people of Twitter are at it again with some gems, including a guy who is always prepared for Florence Welch, the power of missing Toys “R” Us and Buffalo Bill’s killer taste in music. 

kelly @BoyYeetsWorld 12h ... average conversation with my best friend Today 7:31 PM is engaged Listen man I'm really pumped for him but 90% there's been someone living in my attic for 3 months now got bigger fish to fry 56 2,965 56.7K du 1.4M

Will Menaker @willmenaker 18h ... Watching Silence of the Lambs rn and Buffalo Bill has really good taste in music. All the songs he plays in his murder dungeon are heaters. 68 437 7,278 325K

Žarówka @BivouacChillin - 23h powerburial Follow my wicked concubine keeps demanding i kill my best servants for her amusement yarnala Follow th bro she is purposefully isolating you powerburial Follow 2 644 5,463 126K

sam @zo1oft.3h ... I'M NOT THE STEP FATHER I'M THE FATHER THAT STEPPED UP 11 915 196K 7,297

Yuppi Du @NoDuppio 20h ... Man....I missed when the word Goon means lackeys , the Boyz, the Henchmen... 175 2,699 27.6K 1.1M

Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio -2 2h ... bro is acting like the money isn't going right back into his bank account JD Dexerto @Dexerto 22 Netflix cofounder Marc Randolph revealed he pays for his subscription NETFLIX 81 3,175 1.5M 57.1K

atrophy wife @zuza_real 3h ... TA Relcun - ... MT I SALE Saejima So, cooking is a combination of ingredients? I'll try remembering that when I eat. A 4 488 2,245 68K

bi genius @gothtallaght.2d ... i went there and everyone knew you Rat Island 54 2,425 18.6K 705K

confidence activist isidor rabi @ali_sivi 1d ... would've devoured as a mom on big little lies 4 176 2,630 97.8K

bobby @bobby 21h ... Dad Today 5:20 PM Smash mouth died. 7 140 4,204 127K

veet @vveetto 15h he's the highest ranking officer in the idgaf war BAY AREA BAY AREA STATE OF MI... 5d A groundhog named Chunk has been stealing a farmer's crop from Delaware for 4 years, and eats it right in front of a surveillance camera. FG 20 7,422 58.1K 1.6M

Burning Anthony @edgewalk... 19h ... The funeral home has the chance to do the funniest thing ever V Variety @Variety 19h Robert Klane, 'Weekend at Bernie's' Screenwriter, Dies at 81 variety.com/ 2023/film/news... 4 488 4,180 357K

jackson @placed_onto.2 20h  lunch Ass dinner,who am i Kidding, this is Lunch in everything But the name, show someone a Picture of this and they'll say That's a Delicious looking lunch 6 288 3,624 126K

... assbutt @nasboat 11h check out this lamp i got - - Party - I - - - - - ST Should - - Park plan i IZZAHO - 296K 16K 695 118

madam senatHER @reallifese... 15h ... Having a younger brother is just getting texts like this every day for the rest of your life reall was planning on making 10 a house key but never did Delivered Today 8:52 PM Lit sauce it was just above the kitchen desk JARMATIT Do vou freak with the iorts 132 2,232 35.3K 1M

Liam @LegoRacers2.14h A beast reaches out from the darkness. Do you take his hand? Potto 15 59 780 27.9K

Darkness Lord @sabatonfan69-17h ... babe, babe hey. babe. come under the covers. we can laugh as much as we want under here. its like there's no rules! *breadwinning girlfriend who is doing our taxes and has me listed as a dependent* try and hold your breath for as long as you can buddy ill be right over 11 545 6,611 del 190K

claire @prettytheyswag. 13h wasn't gonna drink tonight but i miss toys r us like a mfer 38 4,112 26.3K del 800K

enzo @amaybetino 14h ... in case Dog Days Are Over comes on Dove 19 3,753 22.2K 572K
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