15 Saucy Place Names That Will Make Google Maps Blush When It Achieves Sentience

15 Saucy Place Names That Will Make Google Maps Blush When It Achieves Sentience

The world is smaller than it used to be. Once upon a time, a settlement might be named, and while it might seem like it was known far and wide, in reality nobody more than about eight miles away had heard of it.

As transport and telecommunications connected everywhere in the world with everywhere else in the world, it turned out some of these settlements had names that, seen from elsewhere, were kind of… dirty? 

Language also changes over time. London used to have a road with the c-bomb in its name, a name that seemed at the time to simply describe what was bought and sold there — not in a rude way, just a matter-of-fact one. Words which are now irreversibly linked with sex acts weren’t always.

But also, sometimes, for no apparent reason, a town is called something like Puckering Anus, Tennessee.

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Fucking Visitors Led to a Name-Change

Fucking The Austrian town of Fucking changed its name in 2020 to the less-entertaining Fugging following decades of asshole tourists and stolen road signs. It owes its old name to a 6th-century businessman named Focko. CRACKED


Cunter: Actually Very Pleasant

Cunter 60 La Vischnanchetta Ver Found in Graubünden in Switzerland, Cunter is home to fewer than 300 people. It's nestled beautifully in the mountains, and is a far more charming place than its aggressive-sounding name (shared with a Canadian hardcore band) suggests. CRACKED

Source / Twitter 

Yorkshire’s Famous Slack Bottom and Butt Hole Road

BUTT HOLE ROAD Another renaming following shitty behavior, Butt Hole Road in Yorkshire, England, is now Archers Way (but the people there know where they really live). You can do Slack Bottom to Butt Hole Road via Penistone in two hours. CRACKED

Source / Wikipedia 

Bastardo: The Heart of Italy

Located as close to the geographical center of Italy as it gets, Bastardo is a beautiful town of around 1,600 people. It used to have a watering hole called Osteria del Bastardo, or Bastard's Bar. CRACKED

source / AirBNB 

Wet Beaver Creek: We Are the Problem

There's nothing inherently rude about the name of Wet Beaver Creek in Arizona - the animal only became synonymous with genitals in the 20th century. Shame on us. The official USDA site currently states Wet Beaver Creek's status is OPEN, btw. CRACKED


Have a Great Time in Guys Dirty Hole

A town in Tasmania you should never, ever type into a search engine, Guys Dirty Hole isn't far from Humongous Hole, Pensioners Bush and Tonguers Point. Tasmania: It's quite a place. CRACKED

source / Natucate 

The Horse of Cockington

This small, beautiful village in the southwest of England elected a pony as mayor in 2020. Four-year-old Patrick was subsequently banned from the local pub. CRACKED


If Cumming Is Good Enough for Jason Biggs…

COLUMBIA Cumming, Georgia is named after Colonel William Cumming. Some scenes from American Reunion were filmed there, which just seems fitting. CRACKED

Source  / HV Observer 

Three Cocks Inn: Now That’s a Good Time!

Named after a trio of fowl on a coat of arms, Three Cocks contains a delightful hotel formerly known as the Three Cocks Inn. If anyone wants to visit, Three Cocks can be found in Wales - and your mom. CRACKED


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