15 ‘Jackass’ Spin-Offs, Rip-Offs, Prequels and Side Projects That Will Give You a Nutshot of Nostalgia

We all watched Bam Margera’s slow deterioration for a decade, and we did nothing.
15 ‘Jackass’ Spin-Offs, Rip-Offs, Prequels and Side Projects That Will Give You a Nutshot of Nostalgia

Jackass isn’t just a show. Depending on how you view it, it’s everything from an empire to a lifestyle. Multiple generations of people now wander the Earth bearing skull-and-crutch tattoos or clusters of scar tissue from ill-advised shopping cart escapades. People feeling their absolute lowest can watch the giant high-five from Jackass 3D and know that life is worth living.

Inevitably, it’s led to all sorts of related projects, most of which feature plenty of good old-fashioned thwocks to the nuts, ass injuries and inadvisable ideas. There are hundreds of hours of entertainment preceding, following or lightly imitating Jackass, an extended universe of immature, fantastic, painful nonsense.

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The Underwatched, Underappreciated Near-Nude Masterpiece

The only item on this list that might actually be better than Jackass, Wildboyz saw Steve-0 and Chris Pontius, along with Speedoed wildlife expert Manny Puig, traveling the world doing goofy homoerotic stuff near or on animals. CRACKED


The Cheerful Antics of a Dad-Punching Millionaire

Viva La Bam was incredibly polarizing: People either loved Bam Margera's obnoxious, contrived misadventures or found them, well, obnoxious and contrived. It had a spin-off series of its own, Bam's Unholy Union, following preparations for Margera's first wedding. CRACKED


Affable Destruction in the Name of Vengeance

A short-lived project for the late, great Ryan Dunn, Homewrecker had him coach prank victims into getting revenge on wrongdoers via home make-unders and unauthorized redecorations. CRACKED


Bleeding Asses and Liposuction: the Welsh Jackass

The Welsh show Dirty Sanchez couldn't help but be compared to Jackass, and was marketed similarly: a bunch of dudes with skateboards being disgusting. However, team Sanchez were a lot more hardcore, with injuries usually the aim rather than the byproduct. CRACKED


Missing Thumbs and Sing-Song Accents: the Finnish Jackass

Finnish foursome the Dudesons showed up in a few Jackass movies, and their endlessly upbeat Scandinavian charm has made them huge stars at home. They sport 39 fingers between them, one member having lost a thumb filming an early stunt. CRACKED


Jackass and Sharks — It Just Makes Sense

An ongoing run of Shark Week specials featuring members of the crew made international headlines in 2021 when new cast member Sean Poopies Mclnerney nearly lost a hand while dressed as Fonzie and jumping over a shark. CRACKED


The Most Painful Non-Jackass Film Ever Made

Based on a real park in New Jersey in the 1970s, Action Point isn't great. However, it features some of the most painful blunt-force trauma ever seen on the big screen. CRACKED


The Biggest Turd in the Punch Bowl

THE SIX MILLION YEAR OLD MAN National Lampoon's TV: The Movie is completely shitty, a series of underwritten sketches featuring Preston Lacy, Wee Man, Steve-O, Chris Pontius and Ehren McGhehey as well as Danny Trejo and Lee Majors. It really, really sucks. CRACKED


The Greatest Ever Episode of MTV’s ‘Cribs’

- Redman's segment on Cribs is rightly hailed as genius, but the episode dedicated to Bam Margera's suburban mansion, Steve-O's filthy LA apartment and Chris Pontius' vomit-flecked car is a high point in the history of broadcasting. CRACKED


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