13 Unforgivably Tasteless Stunts from Television History

13 Unforgivably Tasteless Stunts from Television History

Whether or not live TV producers were meaning to capture some shameful shit, once they did, that ratings spike had them craving more! Exploitation for the win! Real people’s real-life anguish had them foaming at the mouth, and for the most part, we were thrilled to be along for the ride. Some of these reality and talk show guests made us feel pretty damn good about our own not-so-dumpster fiery lives, but as the trashy TV arms race heated up, we found (and fully crossed) “the line.” We didn’t think this realm had a line, but it was there. It was just a lot further than the scripted TV line. 

We like to give the FCC a ton of shit for sensitivity in the censorship game, and we can’t believe we’re even saying this, but after this list, you might appreciate their input. Without them, who knows what kind of despicable trash producers would pump out in the name of ratings. Especially when it involves kids! To summon our inner Helen Lovejoy, “Won’t somebody please think of the children?!” Let us know if you agree after these 13 unforgivably tasteless stunts from TV history.

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The most unforgivable sandbagging of all time.

This is Your Life surprised a Hiroshima survivor with the pilot who dropped the bomb. Bishop Kiyoshi Tanimoto believed he'd be interviewed about his work, but the show brought out Major Robert А. Lewis, the co-pilot of the Enola Gay (the B-29 that dropped the A-bomb on Hiroshima) for the most uncomfortable reunion of all time. Tanimoto's daughter later said the experience was surprisingly cathartic - but it's hard to believe that was the producers' intent. CRACKED


Ellen was terrible way before you thought!

Ellen outed Mariah Carey's pregnancy. In 2008, she pressured Carey into confirming her rumored pregnancy by offering her champagne. Carey later said it was way too early in the pregnancy to announce it (especially on national TV) and she ended up miscarrying. CRACKED

Source / Variety 

Explain the real-world application!

Switching ethnicities on America's Next Top Model. noelle DIOIGEPAIDE african Contestants had to wear makeup and hair that reflected a different race than theirs, so obviously many of the models wore blackface and brownface. CRACKED


Was Hugh Hefner a pedophile?

Hugh Hefner got too excited by Kendra's childhood movies. The Girls Next Door During a visit to Kendra Wilkinson's family's house, Hef got super creepy after watching home movies of Kendra as a kid. Holly Madison said she was uncomfortable, and he just comes off as, like, the worst, grossest, dirty old man. CRACKED

Source / Esquire 

That’s not the way we debate around here, son!

Trump fired Andy for not screaming at people on The Apprentice. Andy Litinsky didn't want to outscream Sandy or Jennifer in Season 2. As a national debate champion in high school, he knew not to lose his temper, but Trump didn't like that Andy was getting killed in the argument and fired him. CRACKED

Source / Variety 

You had to know a Springer moment was comin’.

I Married a Horse on Jerry Springer. ER One of his more controversial episodes, Jerry talks to a man who lives in wedded bliss with his horse and thinks that he should be allowed to do anything that makes him happy. Then he open-mouth makes out with the horse! CRACKED

Source / The Daily Beast 

Aw, don’t be sad, baby. Come here.

Mr. Jay insulted - then groped - a contestant on America's Next Top Model. THE URR WAR In The Girl Who Gets A Boob Job, one exercise points out the girls' physical flaws. After Jay picks one girl apart in front of everyone, he asks to squeeze her butt, so she uncomfortably walks over and lets him. CRACKED

Source / The List 

It’s not incest per se, but it crosses some kind of line for sure.

The Mother/daughter dominatrix duo on Springer. Lady Ice Queen and her daughter Princess bring their slave out on stage and ride him like a miniature pony. Until his wife shows up. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! CRACKED


Death in the family eh? Great angle!

The Bachelor exploited Kelsey Poe's husband's death. The show used the tragic death of her husband for ratings, and she threatened to sue. They nicknamed her The Black Widow and she said, I was destroyed by the pain from doing the show this season. CRACKED


This show was creepy enough as it is!

Showgirls on Dance Moms. Viewers, critics, and the young girls' moms were up in arms when Abby Lee Miller choreographed a risque fan dance. The routine is meant for burlesque dancers and showgirls, so the episode was pulled from DVDs and reruns. CRACKED

Source / Seventeen 

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