15 Deleted Scenes That Changed A Movie's Rating

You can give a [redacted]. You just can’t give two [redacted]s.
15 Deleted Scenes That Changed A Movie's Rating

Editing a film is a difficult task. Authors write what they think is important, and filmmakers shoot what they think is required. The editing then steps in and cuts things up, assisting the director in deciding which sentences should be removed and which sequences are no longer necessary. Some extended editions have the power to completely transform a film.

And why would a filmmaker insist on removing a pivotal moment from a film? During the editorial process, filmmakers must make numerous decisions: should they keep that fantastic sequence in which the two stars give their A-game even when it doesn't advance the plot? Is the snarky comedic relief's smart aside genuinely necessary? Shouldn't the ending imply a follow-up even if it hasn't been approved?

In an ideal world, filmmakers would be able to witness their exact vision come to life and be watched by as many people as possible. Because the Motion Picture Academy of America's ratings determine how large that audience can be, difficult decisions must be made. Here are 15 scenes that were cut from the film.

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