12 Actors Who Did Their Own Stunts and Don't Think They're a Powerful Interstellar Wizard (Read: Not Tom Cruise)

Breaking! You don’t have to be a scientologist to jump off of stuff!
12 Actors Who Did Their Own Stunts and Don't Think They're a Powerful Interstellar Wizard (Read: Not Tom Cruise)

We’ll give credit where credit is due. That one scientologist has done some pretty insane stunts. The countless reports of those insane stunts might have you believing that he’s the only actor who performs their own stunts. Well, have we got a shocker for you! We recently discovered that a myriad of other actors have let stunt doubles take a seat while they hurl themselves out of or off of something. Crazy. 

Way back in the silent picture era, physicality was a must, and Hollywood’s first “stars” had to do it all. Those comedic vaudevillians and early action heroes could all ride horses, sword fight, and barroom brawl, so yeah, you modern actors can take one for the team every now and then. When we notice a wig on a slightly buffer version of you,  it takes us out of the world for a split second, and our suspension of disbelief has to work overtime. Thanks a lot! These 12 actors spared us that minor annoyance by rocking their own stunts and not simultaneously thinking they’re some kind of powerful interstellar wizard. Lookin’ at you, Tom.

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Hone those kicks, Hayley. It’s supposed to be fake!

Hayley Atwell needs to take it easy on the stuntmen. It has been challenging but I did a bit of unarmed combat at drama school, so I have the muscle memory. I love the physical aspect of it and I discovered that in terms of stunts I'm someone who has a lot of confidence and very little skill. It's really good fun. I kicked six stuntmen in the balls. CRACKED


And she did her own stunts in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Michelle Yeoh smashed onto the scene. Her first major stunt was for the Hong Kong film Yes Madam, which involved flipping backward and smashing through glass with her head, while simultaneously hurling two thugs off a balcony. CRACKED

Source / NPR 

Nobody falls off a horse like our boy Yakima.

Yakima Canutt is the Godfather of modern day stunts. The best in the biz from 1920 to 1960, he developed modern day stunt techniques like horse falls, wagon wrecks, and screen combat. Не received an honorary Oscar in 1966 for his stunt work, and for developing safety devices that revolutionized the profession. CRACKED


Well what is it, Keanu? “All” or 90%?

It's mostly all Keanu Reeves in John Wick. On his stunts in the John Wick films, he said, All the action done in the movies are carried out solely by me. I do 90% of what goes on there. I try to maintain a connection with my audience. CRACKED

Source / Koimoi 

You can see why some critics called it “elder abuse.”

Harrison Ford will do his own stunts till the bitter end! In Raiders of the Lost Ark, he outran the boulder himself... Ten times! While filming The Dial of Destiny, the then 78-year-old dislocated his shoulder while performing a stunt. CRACKED


Angelina Jolie would boldly go where her stunt double hadn’t gone before.

Stunts are no problem for Angelina Jolie. CH A W On the set of Lara Croft, her stunt double refused to do a stunt, so Jolie simply said, No problem, and took a week to master the stunt. She said, Either I don't scare easy or when I'm working I'm in a different headspace. CRACKED


Oh, you mean these other Marvel stars don’t do this?

Stunts were natural for Brie Larson. BRE PRI STS C About her training for Captain Marvel, she said, It wasn't until we started filming, and I started doing this stuff, I started doing crazy stunts, that people were like, 'Oh, by the way, no one does this.' CRACKED

Source / Yahoo 

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